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Pope tells bishops: ‘Don’t suffer spiritual Alzheimer’s, remember mercy’

In a video message, the Holy Father said mercy is not just a 'theory' but something we live by remembering our own sins Pope Francis in a video message to the …

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If I was confirmed at a time when I didn't believe in God, may I receive a second confirmation?

Full Question I was confirmed at the age of 13. At the time I considered myself an atheist, and I was not receptive to the sacrament. I only recently retur…

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John Boehner and Bob Brady: Catholic to the core

While everyone is still thinking and talking about Pope Francis, I’m thinking and talking about two seemingly very different people who were affected by the Hol…

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I keep hearing about "social sin" and "structural sin." Whatever happened to personal sin?

Full Question I keep hearing about "social sin" and "structural sin." Whatever happened to personal sin? Answer Nothing. Unfortunately, it's aliv…

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Did the Church change its position on the punishment of heretics?

Full Question An anti-Catholic claims that the Church at the Fourth Lateran Council said heretics should be exterminated, but now the Church denies that th…

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Meeting U.S. president an 'emotional' moment for shrine's secretary

Those who know Cristina Brito -- or follow her Facebook postings -- know that she is not a fan of President Barack Obama. Nevertheless, she said after meeting h…

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21 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (6)

Is it sinful to deny Christ under threat of death?

Full Question If someone is told to deny Christ or acknowledge another religion or god under the threat of death, is it sinful to give in out of fear? I kn…

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We Stand With You Lord - No Matter The Price We May Be Asked To Pay!

May the following words penned more than 50 years ago by Rev. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O. encourage us during these trying times and our pending exile in a world that …

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Catholics in Singapore celebrate 50 years of nation's independence

Anticipating this autumn's 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence from Malaysia, the nation's Catholics gathered earlier this month to celebrate a Mass pl…

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‘Pope Plan’ transforms Havana, a city known for decay

Windows looking out on the Church of the Sacred Heart were covered with tattered newspapers. Wheel-swallowing potholes pitted the streets. Paint peeled off the walls in sheets.

Then the pope said he was coming to town.

Crews of workmen showed up as if from nowhere this summer, smoothing streets, patching walls, and painting facades in pastel shades of pink, blue, and green. Across Havana, hundreds more laborers planted palm trees, cleaned up trash, and repaved sidewalks. Gleaming cranes and front-end loaders appeared like spaceships, taking a few hours to fix problems unattended for years.

As Pope Francis’ Saturday arrival nears, a whirlwind of renewal has hit a city known for its decay, leaving ordinary people appreciative of the repairs but indignant that the government unleashes the forces of renovation only when a pope is about to place Cuba in the international spotlight.

“At least we’re getting some benefit from the pope’s visit, although it’s a shame that things only get fixed on special occasions," said Carmen Silvano, a student who lives in the central Havana neighborhood near the church that serves as headquarters of Cuba’s Jesuits.

State media have said next to nothing about the repairs and renovation, but Cubans have sardonically branded it “Plan Papa," or “The Pope Plan." Havana residents say similar flurries of renovation preceded Pope John Paul II’s groundbreaking 1998 visit and Benedict XVI’s trip in 2012 but things quickly fell back into disrepair.

Thanks to reforms put in place by President Raul Castro, Cuban single-family homes are being redone at unprecedented rates, particularly in Havana, where people have greater access to foreign capital and building supplies. Meanwhile, the communist government remains responsible for the communal areas of apartment buildings and old mansions roughly divided among more than a dozen families in some cases, meaning problems as simple as a blown lightbulb can go unfixed for months or years.

Dayron Rivero, a social worker and self-employed barber, said the government had promised to repair the neighborhood around the church for years but no work was ever done, supposedly because of a lack of supplies.

“They announced the pope’s visit, the materials appeared and they put the pedal to the metal to finish all the repair work," he said. His building still needs to have floors redone and windows repaired, among other projects.

“Inside, the ceilings are in bad shape, but at least they gave it a coat of paint and it looks better," he said.

A short drive away in the Playa neighborhood around the Apostolic Nunciature, where the pope will stay during his time in Havana, tooth-rattling gullies and holes in the streets have been filled in, buildings have been painted gleaming white and yellow and piles of debris have cleared from the streets. Yet, just a block from the Nunciature, streets are still rutted, debris is uncleared, and facades are fading and unpainted.

“I wish the pope would stay longer and drive through every street in the capital," said Maite Delgado, a state office worker. “Maybe there’d be even more repairs done."


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