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The battle over St John Paul’s legacy comes to Australia

Melbourne’s John Paul II Institute is being shut down unexpectedly - the ramifications extend far beyond Australia On the face of it, the closure of Melbourne’…

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The Pontifical Council of Culture pays tribute to Prince

Following the 57-years old Pop Legend, Prince' death yesterday, the President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi paid his tribute…

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11 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (9)

Why did the Church ban the Divine Mercy devotion from 1959 to 1978?

Full Question Why did the Church ban the Divine Mercy devotion from 1959 to 1978? Answer Because of faulty translations from the original Polish,…

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Pope asks for forgiveness for ‘scandals’ in Rome and the Vatican

Francis made the surprise comments at today's general audience in St Peter's Square Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for scandals that have taken place i…

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The Origin of Catholic Confession

Jesus entered this world to forgive sins. Recall the words of our Lord: “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him may no…

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28 May 2015 Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis: Fear and joylessness are signs of bad spiritual health

In his daily homily on Friday Pope Francis said that Christian communities become “sick" when they live in fear and fail to be joyful – even when times are diff…

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Dear Younger Self, Here's 5 Things You Don't Need to Worry About

If I could go back and counsel my younger self, here are the top 5 Do's and Don't s I'd offer: * 1 Don't worry so much about appearances. * 2 Don't try to rai…

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Nothing can equal our Heavenly business

Business, work and all other temporal engagement cannot equal our heavenly business. We cannot possibly be wise in risking the loss of our heavenly place becaus…

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Be as uncompromising as St Thomas Becket, Cardinal Nichols tells priests

Cardinal Vincent Nichols encouraged priests to persevere in their ministry despite distressing circumstances, during his homily yesterday for the Jubilee of Pri…

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Pope tells Roman Curia and Vatican employees to be models of mercy to those they encounter in their everyday life

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Pope Francis advised members of the Roman Curia on Monday morning at Mass in St Peter Basilica to practice mercy and be the epitome of Christ by always adopting mercy.

His words came during his homily on the Feast of the Chair of Peter and the Jubilee of Mercy for the Roman Curia and all Vatican offices.

Speaking to the world’s Catholic Cardinals, priests, bishops and laypeople, he told them to keep their minds and hearts “fixed on Jesus Christ, the beginning and the end of every action of the Church. He is the foundation and no one can establish something different. He is the rock upon which we must build."

The down- to-earth Pope Francis reflecting on the pain of abuse said “Let no one feel ignored or mistreated when they encounter a member of the Roman Curia or staff working at the Vatican.

It is actually an abuse to ignore someone’s needs emotionally and make them feel worthless.

With all of the people they encounter each day, he said, “may no one feel neglected or mistreated," and instead feel God’s attentive concern.

For those who are priests, the Pope said, they more than anyone else must model themselves after the Good Shepherd: taking care of his flock, seeking out the lost sheep and bringing healing to the sick and wounded.

Pope Francis also encouraged thousands of Vatican employees, to cultivate and practice a strong pastoral attitude within all Vatican work environments, “especially towards the people we meet every day".

“We are called to be God’s collaborators," he said, as they carry out their unique and valuable mission.

One of the priests, Jesuit Father Marko Rupnik addressing the gathering said “Every central church office, not just the Curia in Rome, risks the temptation of its administrators becoming too self-centered.”

“It is a terrible temptation," he said, because it sets functional efficiency, the institution, the organizational structure and the individual above all else.

When people encounter someone who works for the Church, it is beautiful when they say, “you know, I saw people who were free, free from themselves," generous, willing and available he said.




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