01 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (10)

How can I love God when I can't see him?

Full Question Recently I have found myself questioning my love for God. How can I love someone I have never met? I realize that it is my responsibility to …

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20 May 2015 Family Love Doctor with GM Alimba Resources Vatican No comments

Pope Francis warns parents against ceding children’s education to ‘experts’

Continuing his catechesis on the family, Pope Francis devoted his May 20 general audience to parents’ natural vocation to educate their children. Intellectual …

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14 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Pope asks for forgiveness for ‘scandals’ in Rome and the Vatican

Francis made the surprise comments at today's general audience in St Peter's Square Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for scandals that have taken place i…

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The miracle behind the canonization of the parents of St Therese of Lisieux

Seven-year-old Carmen has an extraordinary story. Because of her Blessed Louis Martin and Zelie Guerin, the parents of Saint Therese of Lisieux, will be canoniz…

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03 Oct 2016 News No comments

World Cup 2014 influenced timing of Benedict XVI’s resignation, says aide

The retired pope had hoped to stay in the papacy until 2014, according to Mgr Georg Gaenswein The long-time personal aide to Benedict XVI has said the retired …

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A Virgin Mary's Statue in California weeping Miraculous tears

A Statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno California is reported to be seen weeping a miraculous tears. The Statue is said to be owned by the family of Maria Carden…

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30 Sep 2014 Articles Comments (33)

Do Catholics worship Idols?

Perhaps one of the most argued practice of the Church is the use of images, virtually every Protestant denomination deem this idolatry “Catholics worship idols"…

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Pope Francis arrives in Washington DC

President Obama and the First Lady have welcomed the Pontiff to America at the start of his three-city visit Pope Francis arrived in the United States the la…

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Who was St. Valentine, and how did his feast day of February 14 come to be regarded as a day…

Full Question Who was St. Valentine, and how did his feast day of February 14 come to be regarded as a day for romance? Answer Two Valentines are…

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President-elect says he will promote birth control in Philippines

The president-elect of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has pledged to promote contraception, a month after downplaying reports that he would pursue an aggressive family planning programme.

Duterte reiterated his belief that three children should be the maximum number for families, and joked about amputating men’s genitalia.

He also alluded to his policies as mayor of Davao, when he energetically promoted birth control and paid men to undergo sterilisation.

A month ago, Duterte said: “I cannot force the people to follow. We are just suggesting that you are in good hands if you just limit the number of your children."

But he had previously said he would “bring back family planning" and that he had been angered by hearing about a woman who had given birth to ten children. “I am a Christian, but I am a realist and we have to do something about our population," he said.

Duterte, whose inauguration will take place on Thursday, has clashed with the country’s bishops over the death penalty – which Duterte wants to extend to cover crimes including car theft – and over the new president’s style. Duterte has joked about wanting to rape an Australian missionary who was gang raped and killed by inmates in a 1989 Davao jail riot.

He has also referred to the Pope and the Philippine bishops as “sons of whores", and said the Church is “the most hypocritical institution".

In 2012, Congress passed a law requiring public health centres to hand out contraceptives for free. It also made sex education compulsory in schools.

There are likely to be further clashes with the country’s bishops. Archbishop Ramón Cabrera Argüelles of Lipa has said he will volunteer to die in place of those condemned to the death penalty.

Mgr Oliver Mendoza, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Lingayen, whose archbishop is the president of the bishops’ conference, has said the Church would speak out against policies which contradicted Catholic teaching: “Because if we fail to do that, if we close our eyes, if we close our lips, we close our ears, what will be the role of the Church?"



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