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Will my three divorces prevent me from becoming a Catholic?

Full Question I wish to go through RCIA and become a Catholic. My problem is that I have been divorced three times. Can I become a Catholic and do I need to ha…

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Rome mayor resigns over new expense scandal

ROME — Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino resigned Thursday following a scandal over his expense accounts that became the convenient final straw in a months-long campaig…

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The shocking and upsetting reason why one priest won't allow a Nativity scene

A Catholic priest has decided not to put up a traditional Nativity display in Italy for fear of offending Muslims and atheists. Fr. Sante Bragge said the displa…

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What is a spiritual communion? How does one make a spiritual communion?

Response: A spiritual communion is made when we fervently desire to receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and then lovingly embrace Him as if we had received H…

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Canadian archbishop: Let’s allow women to be deacons

Canadian Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher of Gatineau, Quebec, said the synod should reflect on the possibility of allowing for female deacons as it seeks ways to…

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Cardinals clash on doubts about process at the Synod of Bishops

ROME — Two high-profile cardinals taking part in the Synod of Bishops on the family offered different views on Monday about some elements of the process, with o…

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Choosing to end one's life

Question: I've been somewhat following this story of the young woman with, I think brain cancer is it, who is preparing to end her life in another month or so.…

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Is Pope Francis a Heretic?

The apostolic exhortation of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia (Latin, “The Joy of Love"), promulgated March 19, 2016, has caused quite a stir. Bec…

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On Giving Reasons

While reading Scripture or other sources like Aquinas, Plato, or even P G. Wodehouse, we often have to stop and think. Previously, we may have read this or tha…

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Priest Finds Newborn Baby in a manger in Queens Church

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A newborn baby boy was found laid in a manger at a church in Queesn, in New York City. The baby was said to still have his umblical cord attached and was well covered with towels.

Fr Christopher Heanue of Holy Child Jesus Church found the baby. He said:

“I was shocked and yet really moved by it. The church is meant to be a home for those in need. Pope Francis preaches about mercy and this is a Year of Mercy and what more merciful can there be to give a home to someone in need."

The mother of the newborn baby boy has been identified but cannot be purnished for her act because the New York law of “Safe Haven" covers her. “Safe Haven" is a New York Law (also known in some states as “Baby Moses laws”, in reference to the religious scripture) are statutes in the United States that decriminalize the leaving of unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state. This law also provides that a person cannot be prosecuted if they leave their child under five days old with a responsible person. So there can be no better “Safe Haven" for the helpless child than the Church.

Bishop Octavio Cisneros, auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn, said: “The baby was wrapped in a towel. He was crying and so obviously well. He was breathing, he had good colour, and his umbilical cord was still attached.


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  1. sarah Stockman Reply

    Please call I am more than happy to adopt. Will provide details for contact info.

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