15 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (6)

No scandal here: How the 20 couples married by Pope Francis were legit

Vatican City, Sep 15, 2014 / 05:05 pm .- Pope Francis’ witnessing of marriages between Catholics who cohabited or who have had annulments is not a change, but i…

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14 Dec 2015 Middle East News No comments

Fr. Jacques despite recent escape, wants to go back to ISIS' den for a mission of mercy

A Syrian priest, Fr. Jacques Mourad, who spent more than four months as a prisoner of the deadly terrorist group ISIS is headed back to the war zone, he says he…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles No comments

Opening the Incredible Gift of Fatherhood

Before his first child was born four years ago, Matthew Kelly had already learned a great deal in life. He had to in order to provide content worth listening to…

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20 Aug 2015 Uncategorized No comments

Central African prelate receives peace award

The Interfaith Peace Platform, led by the top Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim clerics in the Central African Republic, has received the 2015 Sergio Vieira de M…

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24 Feb 2016 Asia-Pacific News Comments (6)

The Miracle of the Rosary (A Philippine recollection)

The nuns and priests in the Philippines recounted their experience in the People Power Revolution of 30 years ago, people protesting in the streets, tanks and s…

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24 Mar 2016 News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis invites the faithful to celebrate the Paschal Triduum with gratitude for the great mystery of God’s mercy and…

During his Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis invited the faithful to reflect on the significance of the upcoming Easter Triduum which began today, Thursd…

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12 May 2016 Vatican No comments

Abuse scandal motivates me to fight human trafficking, says Cardinal Nichols

The cardinal said the Church had gained a better understanding of the perspective of the victim Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said that the Church’s sex abuse s…

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01 Aug 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Why did Christ visit hell after his death?

Full Question Why did Christ visit hell after his death? Answer He didn't, if you mean by hell the place of the damned. There would have been no pu…

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25 Jun 2016 Americas Europe News USA Vatican No comments

Bishops call for return of ‘mutual respect and civility’ after Brexit vote

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have said the British decision to leave the European Union “must be respected" and that, after an “often rancorous cam…

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Priests advised to celebrate Masses outdoors after massive earthquake in Italy

The earthquake, which measured 6.5 on the Richter scale, was the most severe in Italy since 1980

Priests in central Italy have been instructed to celebrate Mass outdoors following another devastating earthquake yesterday, which reduced churches including Basilica of St Benedict to rubble.

After the 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Norcia in the early morning on October 30, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti of Perugia-Citta della Pieve advised priests to not celebrate Mass indoors over the next few days, including November 1, the Solemnity of All Saints, which is also a national holiday in Italy.

At the noonday Angelus on the same day, Pope Francis prayed for the “the wounded and the families that have suffered major damage as well as for the personnel involved in rescue efforts and in aiding the victims."

“May the Risen Lord give them strength and Our Lady watch over them," the Pope said.

The Benedictine monks of Norcia assisted in relief efforts as well as helping to guide anxious residents to the town’s main square and lead them in prayer.

“After offering spiritual support to the people in town following this morning’s intense earthquake, the entire monastic community is together again at our mountain monastery which overlooks a now fractured Norcia," the monks said in a message on their blog.

Following the destruction of the basilica built atop the birthplace of their founder, the Benedictine monks said they hoped the image of the destroyed church may “serve to illustrate the power of this earthquake and the urgency we monks feel to seek out those who need the Sacraments on this difficult day for Italy."

While there were no deaths and some 20 reported injuries, it was the strongest quake in Italy since 1980 when a 6.9 earthquake struck the southern region of Campania.

The quake was felt along much of the Italian peninsula including 100 miles away in Rome, forcing city officials to close subways and several churches in order to assess any damage.


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