PRO-LIFE TRUMP! President signs pro-life order on first day

By January 24, 2017 3 Comments

President Donald Trump has just curtailed abortion as one of his first acts as president. Trump has reinstated President Reagan’s “Mexico City abortion policy” which bans agencies that receive federal funding from providing abortions overseas.
President Trump is taking his pro-life commitments seriously, if his first acts as president are an indication. On Monday, the President signed an order reinstating a Reagan era policy which bans agencies that receive federal finding from providing abortions in other countries. It’s a good first step to protect life.
Under the new rule, which is the reinstatement of an old rule, foreign, non-governmental organizations can no longer provide or promote abortion if they accept government funds. Since abortion prevents families from developing, it cannot be labeled misleadingly as “family planning.” The ban also includes counseling that includes language on abortions.
The policy was put in place under President Reagan in 1985, and was rescinded in 1993 by Bill Clinton. It’s called the “Mexico City Policy” because it was first announced at a UN event in that city.
The policy was reinstated under President George W. Bush and rescinded again under Obama in 2009.
The policy also makes exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother.
There is no telling how many lives will be saved by President Trump’s decision, but the effect should be immediate. We pray this is the first of many new pro-life policies that will save millions of lives over the next several years.
By Marshall Connolly


  • AMC says:

    Mr Gannon I am amazed at your profound ignorance of the Catholic Church . Please educate yourself. Aborted children do not go to hell. Evil unrepentant sinners who chose to turn away from GOD face the risk of damnation

  • Trinney says:

    Well he sure knows what buttons to press….i am pro life always have been but somehow his “pro life claims and actions just DONT add up”. Ya believe his lies, he pulled the wool over your eyes, in time you will see the lite….He has figured out how to get to the vulnerable and tell you what you want to hear…. RED FLAG!!!! He would no more protect the innocent if it didnot benefit him, he fooled all the prolifers out there….. Wake up!!!

  • All Pakistani Christians Community Happy President Donald J. Trump will President of United States We Request to President Give the seeleam to Christians reply from Pakistan.

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