Prosecutors ask Vatican court to jail PR adviser for ‘inspiring’ leak of documents

Vatican prosecutors have requested that PR expert Francesca Chaouqui be given a tough jail sentence for “inspiring” the leaking of confidential documents.

In their closing arguments on Monday, prosecutors asked the Vatican tribunal to hand down a sentence of three years and nine months to Chaouqui, as well as convicting Mgr Angel Lucio Vallejo Balda and his secretary, Nicola Maio, for having formed a “criminal association” with the aim of divulging secret information to two journalists, Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi.

The sentence recommended for Mgr Vallejo is three years and one month, while prosecutors have request Maio be jailed for one year and nine months.

Chaouqui, who gave birth to a boy last month, responded to the request by saying: “How shameful”.

Prosecutors asked the tribunal to absolve Fittipaldi and give a suspended one-year sentence to Nuzzi for publishing books based on confidential Vatican documents which allegedly show financial mismanagement and corruption in the top ranks of the Church.

The two men both wrote books in November featuring allegations over the lavish nature of residences enjoyed by some Vatican cardinals, the high prices required to get a saint approved and millions in missing inventory from the Vatican’s tax-free stores.

The judges are expected to rule on Wednesday.

by Staff Reporter



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Lucky for her that they don’t burn people at the stake any longer – after some good old fashioned torture of course. It was so much easier to get a confession in the old days! Sigh.
    The real crime, of course, is Vatican corruption, but the focus is, as always, on avoiding responsibility, (and repentance in the case of dioceses hiding their assets from sex abuse lawsuits), rather than trying to end the corruption. Wasn’t the accounting firm charged with performing an audit just released?

  2. Doug Reply

    Amateurs !! If you want to leak sensitive information while being praised, get Hillbillary Clinton to use her illegal Email servers. You have only to donate millions to her foundation and you too can own secret data.

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