Question: I’m thinking about divorce. What does the Catholic Church have to say about it?

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Jesus said, “What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mk 10:9). So, although the Catholic Church recognizes the need for civil divorce in some circumstances, the Church also teaches that divorce does not dissolve the marriage bond before God. Therefore, even in situations where civil divorce is tolerated, divorce does not free the spouses to marry again. Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, explains:

[Divorce is] the claim that the indissoluble marriage bond validly entered into between a man and a woman is broken. A civil dissolution of the marriage contract (divorce) does not free persons from a valid marriage before God; remarriage would not be morally licit.
If there are sufficient reasons for obtaining a civil divorce in your case, then it would be morally permissible to pursue one, but this would not result in the ability to remarry unless, for example, you pursued and received an annulment that showed your first marriage was invalid.


  • garabet saatjian says:

    i dont believe the tribunal catholic in lebanon becouse chef of tribunal elie haddad

  • Aji Mathew says:

    After marriage a husband comes to know that her wife is cheating him what he should do? because after one month marriage he comes to know that she is daily contacting with him . Main thing is that she has physical relationship with him so what does husband should do? Will it be a sin or not that divorcing her?

    • Dear Aji. I am no theologian or legal scholar so please verify this with your parish priest or Bishop. It seems that if you entered into a marriage bond faithfully but your wife entered the bond unfaithfully and continued her unfaithfulness even after the marriage, you have a valid case for an annulment. My thinking is that she entered the marriage without the intention of faithfully executing her duties as a wife and spouse and with deception of her true feelings.

  • Craig Marsh says:

    This is not the Question that you should be asking – The Question should be – “What does God have to say about Divorce”??????!!!!

  • Love says:

    So basically, the faith and religion that you have come to love so dearly. Condemns you to a life of loneliness. You a tree no longer allowed to fully participate in the Catholic Church. Wow!!!!

    • Michael W says:

      It is not a condemnation but it is what we ought to be. For divorced people, they should file for annulment or just stay single. Being single does not mean the person is sad. Ultimately, sex is not only the source of ultimate happiness. Man and women was not made just to have sex. But rather sex was made for married couples. There are a lot people who are single and have a good life. It is like saying the Church condemns its own priest by asking them to take a vow of celibacy.

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