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How to Make the Case for Marriage

Whether we like it or not, secularism is the dominant mode of public discourse today. Even those we encounter who are not "anti-faith" often place a high value …

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How marriage prep is failing Catholics, and what we can do about it

The Church needs to seriously consider changing the way it approaches marriage preparation say John and Claire Grabowski, a couple who serve on the Pontifical C…

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Watch Trailer of “Call Me Francesco" – A Movie portraying Pope Francis’ life till his election

"Call Me Francesco" Trailer....Watch Directed by Italian filmmaker Dan…

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Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passes resolution calling ISIS atrocities 'Genocide'

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has finally adopted a resolution calling ISIS killing of minorities in Syria and Iraq “genocide." …

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WORLD UNDER ATTACK - Army of demons has led to spike in exorcisms. Here's the disturbing reason why we are…

Exorcisms are becoming so scary, some priests are too afraid to do them. According to many sources, demonic possession is on the rise globally. It could mark th…

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Pope Francis issued the Book of Gospels for the Jubilee of the year of mercy

Pope Francis yesterday, on 03rd December received the Book of Gospels that will be used for the liturgies of the upcoming Jubilee of the Year of Mercy. The b…

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Glasgow police say graffiti incident at Catholic school is a ‘hate crime’

Police said the graffiti was of a sectarian nature Police are treating graffiti sprayed on a wall at a Catholic school in Glasgow as a hate crime. St Aloysi…

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Why is Acts 8:37 omitted from many Bible translations?

Full Question Why isn’t Acts 8:37, "If thou believes with all thine heart, thou mayest," included in many Catholic Bible translations? My non-Catholic frie…

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Full text: Pope Francis’s address at World Youth Day Prayer Vigil

Jesus is calling you to leave a mark on history, Pope tells 1.6 million young people Dear young people, good evening! It is good to be here with you at this…

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Why we Catholics Pray for the Dead

These are good questions, shared by many others, and they touch upon a long tradition in the Church of not only remembering those who have gone on before us, but also commending them to God’s loving mercy.

There is a mortuary chapel, built in the 1870s, that stands in the center of the cemetery on the grounds of the now-closed Jesuit seminary at Woodstock, Maryland. Inscribed over the chapel door are these words (in Latin): “Here the Society of Jesus cherishes as keepsakes for heaven the ashes of the dear sons she has brought forth."

The cherished remains are “keepsakes for heaven;" that’s why we visit cemeteries. The prayerful remembrances — Masses, special prayers for the dead, Rosaries, Stations of the Cross, and other devotional remembrances — are, for the most part, petitions to God. They ask that the departed believer may be united in an eternal embrace with the triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — in heaven. For that goal was each of us created, for that purpose did Christ die and rise again, and for that end do we pray when we commend the souls of “the faithful departed" to God.

But, you may be wondering, why are they not united with God immediately upon leaving this world? Well, that question relates to our readiness, our preparedness, our freedom from sin, and our satisfaction of what the Church refers to as “temporal punishment due to sin" in order that the union of a human being — a “mere mortal" — with the sinless God is possible.

What is this temporal punishment? Let me suggest that it is a condition of “unreadiness" for eternal union with the Holy Trinity. In one sense you are ready, because you’ve expressed your sorrow and your sins have been forgiven. But in all probability you’re not quite ready, because your love of God at the moment of death may be less than wholehearted, less than perfect. Spiritually, you are right with God (your sins have been forgiven), but you need a bit of tidying up before being taken fully into God’s loving and eternal embrace.

Purgatory is the cure for your condition of unreadiness. It’s the process of purification.

Hence, we pray for the dead to beg God to move that process along. It all relates to God’s love and grace, that they may enfold the souls of the departed and keep them eternally secure.

The Mass, of course, is the absolute best prayer for the dead. It makes the redemptive sacrifice of Christ present again on the altar and, in God’s gracious providence, allows you to ask that this redemptive power be applied to the one for whom you pray.

You didn’t ask, but let me add to this the truth that those who have died can pray for you. They are with God and can pray to God for you. Similarly, your prayers for anyone who is already fully and eternally united to God in love are not wasted. All prayer is powerful, and in this case, your prayer will return in the form of unknown and unpredictable blessings on you and your world.

See Prayer For the Dead Here



  1. Larry Sta Ana Reply

    if we can pray for the dead repentance is no longer needed we just let our love ones pray for us then…

  2. mistyvistaLori Reply

    This is crazy. There is not one single bible reference to back it up.

  3. Monica Reply

    And can you point to me in which verse the purgatory exist in the bible? Catholic, even though based on Christ, created rules that is made by themselves.

  4. Sabrina Reply

    There’s no such thing as purgatory . It appointed once for man to die after death then come the judgement. You much be born again the only way to the father is through his son jesus christ

  5. Wes Reply

    None of this is based in Biblical scripture. This is complete nonsense invented by Catholics.

  6. Rem Reply

    I believe. But just a suggestion of wordings. Purgatory as ‘tidying up of soul’ like God can’t embrace u in dirty clothes is not quite right. I think it’s best seen as a time for self awareness of your dirtiness n your absolutely need for God that would make you yearn for the ‘wedding cothes’ in exchange of you dirty ones in order to enter His presence.

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