05 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Immigrants, refugees to receive papal blessing in NYC

Pope Francis will offer a special blessing to a group of immigrants and refugees in New York, including those who are undocumented, highlighting two contentious…

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22 May 2016 Articles Comments (37)

Tips to know when someone is Demon-Possessed

Recognizing the difference between a person who's possessed and a person struggling with a mental illness or other infirmity is a vital part of the ministry of …

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04 Nov 2014 Q&A No comments

Should Christmas trees be considered a religious symbol?

Full Question Non-Christians claim that Christmas trees are a religious symbol of Christmas. Is a Christmas tree really a religious symbol of Christmas equ…

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21 Oct 2016 News No comments

As Venezuela’s referendum is suspended, new cardinal calls for dialogue

There must be dialogue between Venezuela’s government and the opposition, the country’s newly named cardinal said yesterday. Archbishop Baltazar Porras of Meri…

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03 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (8)

How many times a day can one receive Holy Communion?

Full Question How many times a day can one receive Holy Communion? Answer The Code of Canon Law states that "One who has received the blessed Euc…

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17 Dec 2015 News USA No comments

A combined Plea of Intervention for Persecuted Christians

On Tuesday, December 15th, the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops had a joint meeting and have sent an appeal to Stéphane …

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11 May 2016 Asia-Pacific No comments

Missionaries are the heroes of evangelisation, says Pope

Pope Francis said that young people who are fed up with materialism should consider becoming missionaries Young women and men who are tired of today’s self-cen…

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20 Jan 2016 News Vatican Comments (2)

Pope Francis to visit the Great Mosque in Rome

Pope Francis could be the first Pope to visit the Great Mosque in Rome. The president of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), Izzedin Elzir, discl…

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18 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Pope Francis’ rapturous US welcome belies a historic anti-Catholic past

“Papal-mania" is officially upon us and appears unstoppable as the United States prepares to welcome Pope Francis on Tuesday for a six-day visit. On Twitter,…

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Relic containing St. Pope John Paul II’s Blood stolen from Cologne Cathedral

A cloth that contains drops of Saint Pope John Paul II’s blood that was preserved in a Cathedral at Cologne has gone missing.

The disappearance of the relic on Sunday 5th of July 2016, was noticed by a visitor who quickly alerted a Church Usher. The German Police are deeply investigating the theft.

The German Police expressed how Gerd Bachner, the Cathedral’s Provost laments over the stolen relic as a huge spiritual loss.

Police said the cloth was in a glass container that had been pried from a base of a sculpture commemorating the pope’s visit to Cologne in 1980.

Gerd Bachner urged the thief to return the relic.




  1. Sylvia Crockett Reply

    When I was reading this article and notice the date is wrong. They put July 5 2016 as should be June 5 2016. Hope they will find the person who took it.

  2. Sylver Nyarsuk Reply

    where are people leading to?

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