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09 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (379)

Mass Etiquette; Dos and Don'ts while at Mass

Fast: It doesn't even really feel like a fast anymore since its just an hour. The Church requires every communicant to begin preparing to receive Jesus by obse…

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02 Jun 2016 News No comments

Canada’s House sends assisted suicide bill to Senate for approval

The bill, which is likely to be sent back for amendments, would legalise assisted suicide The Canadian government’s assisted suicide legislation, which the nat…

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15 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Faith leads to freedom, Pope Francis tells prisoners

50 inmates from Rome's Rebibbia prison were given a tour of the Vatican gardens before listening to the Pope's Angelus address Before reciting the Angelus pr…

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22 Jun 2016 Vatican No comments

Pope Francis invites refugees to join him on stage at general audience

The Pope calls for Europe to grant asylum to more refugees as he addresses the faithful at the Vatican Pope Francis invited a number of refugees to join him on…

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17 May 2016 News Comments (1)

Royal College of Midwives calls for abortion up to birth

The RCM’s new policy on abortion was formally announced in a statement published last week The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is supporting a campaign pioneer…

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18 Jan 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis to migrants : "Each of you carries a story, a culture and precious values

Yesterday, Pope Francis welcomed several thousands of migrant worshipers at St Peter’s square to commemorate the world day of Migrants and Refugees. At least…

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21 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Francis’ family synod: No changes, but everything has changed

It’s now quite certain that Pope Francis’ big summit on family issues won’t endorse any changes to Church doctrine on the Church’s teaching about homosexuality …

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29 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Why Be Religious? Isn't Being Spiritual Enough?

Spiritual or Religious? CHALLENGE: ”I consider myself spiritual rather than religious. Why isn’t that enough?” DEFENSE: Because God loves you and wa…

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04 Oct 2016 Articles No comments

The Blessing of the Animals - What would St. Francis say about how we treat animals today?

October 4 is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, and a popular celebration is the blessing of the animals. On this day, people bring household pets to their…

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Retired bishop assaulted by passenger on a train in Ireland

Bishop Emeritus of Kerry said to be very shaken by the incident

Bishop Emeritus Bill Murphy of Kerry was punched in the face last month by a drunken passenger angry about the Church’s handling of sex abuse claims, according to the Irish Times.

The retired bishop, aged 79, had been travelling on a train from Killarney to Dublin with his brother, Archdeacon Michael Murphy.

Archdeacon Murphy told the newspaper that a man recognised him and came over to them. “He had quite a lot [of drink] on him. He spoke about being ill. The bishop was reading his office.”

The man left but a short time later returned. “He started giving out about problems in the diocese, and punched him [Bishop Murphy] in the face. He got a shock. But we continued on our way,” Archdeacon Murphy said.

A bystander intervened, he said, and told the alleged attacker to stop. The man was escorted from the carriage by rail staff and later met by police officers at Heuston Station in Dublin.

A spokesperson for Kerry diocese said Bishop Murphy had been very shaken by the incident.

Several years ago priests in Ireland said they were afraid to go out in public because of hostility over the clerical abuse crisis.

Fr Paddy Dunne, communications officer at Raphoe diocese, said he knew of priests in Dublin who had been spat on.

“I know of some younger priests who are afraid to come out or to be seen in public. They stay at home,” Fr Dunne told Highland Radio.

“I know priests in Dublin who have been spat on because they were recognised as priests, but thankfully that has not happened here.”

In a review of child protection in the Diocese of Kerry Bishop Murphy was praised for his handling of clerical abuse claims.

The report, by the National Board for Safeguarding Children, said that Bishop Murphy had “met his responsibilities well”, introducing guidelines as early as 1996.


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