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What did Pope Francis REALLY mean when he spoke of divorced and remarried couples taking Communion?

Pope Francis has written a private message approving the Buenos Aires bishops' response to the divorced-and-remarried inspired by his apostolic exhortation on t…

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Nigerian prelate backs leader’s anti-corruption effort

The president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, has lent his support to President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruptio…

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20 Feb 2015 Articles Comments (9)

Eucharistic Miracles: Evidence of the Real Presence

At every Catholic Mass, following the command of Jesus himself, the celebrant raises the host and says, "Take this, all of you, and eat it: This is my body,…

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Pope Francis Declares his personal Bible's looks and how uses it to the Youths. Read Youths!!

Pope Francis in the prologue to a bible for the Youth in Germany wrote encouraging words to the youths calling them to the evident and positive need for them to…

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29 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (6)

If my daughter refuses to go to Mass, am I guilty of mortal sin?

  Full Question Is it my mortal sin to let my 12-year-old daughter stay home from Mass? I know that she cannot receive Communion until she goes to co…

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Italians restore 900-year-old mosaics at Bethlehem church

An Italian team has completed restoration of Crusader-era mosaics in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The mosaics will only be unveiled publicly afte…

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Pope Francis hails election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London

The election of a Muslim as London mayor 'illustrates the need for Europe to rediscover its capacity to integrate', the Pope told La Croix Pope Francis has hai…

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If the Bible says we are only to follow God's Commandments, how can the Church require its members to follow…

Full Question If the Bible says we are to follow the Commandments of God and not the traditions of men, how can the Catholic Church require, under penalty …

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During the Sunday liturgy, we are now bowing to our priest as he leaves the sanctuary to process out. Is…

Full Question During the Sunday liturgy, we are now bowing to our priest as he leaves the sanctuary to process out. Is this permitted? Answer The rubrics for…

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Rio Olympics a ‘missed opportunity’ to help Brazil’s poor, says Cafod

The plight of Brazil’s indigenous people should be centre stage at the Games, a spokesman said

The Rio Olympics are a “huge missed opportunity" to improve the lives of the country’s poorest, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (Cafod) has said.

With all eyes on Brazil this summer for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Cafod said that the plight of Brazil’s indigenous peoples and the Amazon should be centre stage.

Esther Gillingham, Cafod’s Brazil programme officer, said: “Indigenous peoples are being murdered, criminalised, threatened, evicted from their land, and their rights to health and education are systematically violated.

“Instead of prioritising protection of indigenous people as the guardians of the lungs of our planet in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil’s interim government is implementing austerity measures, cuts to public policies, and constitutional amendments that aim to boost economic growth while destroying indigenous lands and livelihoods."

She added: “The Rio Olympic Games are a huge missed opportunity to improve the lives of the poorest in Rio. They are also a missed opportunity to invest in the protection of human rights across the country."

Ana Paula Caldeira Souto Maior, a lawyer for Cafod’s partner, ISA (Socio-Environmental Institute) who has been working with indigenous peoples in Brazil for 30 years, said: “The environment that Brazil’s Yanomami and Ye’kuana indigenous people are living in is under threat from small-scale illegal gold mining and the impacts of climate change. In March of this year they experienced the worst droughts and fires for 20 years, linked to El Niño."

“FUNAI – the Indigenous Agency that serves to protect Brazil’s indigenous peoples’ rights and lands – has seen its budget slashed by 33%. The Yanomami indigenous people, who protect the Amazon rainforest in Brazil’s largest indigenous territory, are facing a health crisis, and governmental agencies are failing to protect them from illegal invaders and guarantee their constitutional rights."

According to Cafod, indigenous people in Brazil are some of the most vulnerable and threatened in the country.

“Brazil is experiencing its worst political and economic crisis in decades, with 25.8 million Brazilians living in poverty" said Gillingham.

“While roughly £3.8bn of taxpayers’ money is being spent on the Games, this money could be used to fund key social areas, such as health, education and indigenous rights which are facing unprecedented cuts. When the lights go out at the closing ceremony in Rio, we must continue to shine a light on Brazil’s indigenous movement to protect their lives, rights and lands," she added.


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