Benedict XVI given book claiming Francis is ‘vicar of the Antichrist’

Benedict XVI has been given a book of prophecies by an eccentric Italian seer who sees Francis as the “vicar of the Antichrist” and claims the world is ruled by alien beings.

The Pope Emeritus was handed the book during a brief meeting with two men in the Vatican Gardens.

The man who requested the meeting had claimed to be a chief superintendent of Italian police, according to Archbishop George Gänswein, Benedict XVI’s personal secretary.

The book was filled with messages from the alleged seer Franca Miscio, also known as Conchiglia. Among her claims are that Francis is an “impostor”, the Vatican is a “den of the seven deadly sins”, that Mary should be added to the Trinity, and that alien DNA has been mixed with human DNA with the purpose of world domination.

Archbishop Gänswein told Vatican Insider: “Had Benedict XVI known that he was going to be given a collection of messages of this kind, he would never have agreed to the meeting.”

He said that at the time of the meeting he and Benedict XVI had no idea about the content of the book.

“When I got home I looked at the book and so did Benedict XVI later on,” Archbishop Gänswein said. “We were surprised and shocked because we noticed straight away that the book contained some ‘private revelations’. It didn’t take long to work out that the whole thing was strange and incredible to say the least.

“The Pope Emeritus asked me to send the book to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”

Editor: But the bottom line is that the source of this claims against Pope Francis is first of all not God nor any known and accepted channel of the Church’s faith and traditions. The existence of the so called “Aliens” are a factor that even scientist battle to prove fully to the world. So I see these claims as one of the scheme the devil is using to bring in confusion into the Church. So let us pray against all the works of the devil.



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    This is hilarious. I love the quick jump to a conclusion, that if God is not responsible, the devil must be. Have you considered that the seer is simply a nutcase? Would it be out of line to suggest that anyone proposing that the devil is responsible might also be a nutcase?
    Where is the evidence for either proposal?

  2. Maria. Barbiero Reply

    This is a blasphemy to the HOLY SPIRIT. Yes he is a Satan work ,and that exactly what he like to separate the church .But JESUS CHRIST IS MORE POWERFUL .we all know.

  3. Elizabeth Reply

    Let us just pray that the HOLY SPIRIT guide and protect our church. The truth will prevail. No evil can break the work of the LORD. And the blood of CHRIST cover Pope Francis and all that serving the church with sincere heart . Lets just hold on to the promise of the LORD that no devil able to destroy it. GOD hear our pray.

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