Is it wrong to leave Mass after Communion?

By May 31, 2015 Q&A

I am saddened when I see a large number of people leaving our parish church immediately after receiving Holy Communion. I always believed we were to stay until we received the final blessing. Am I wrong?
P.O., Illinois

You’re right; we should stay until the end. Those who don’t are letting their habits of haste pull them out of what should be an atmosphere of reflective gratitude. If that atmosphere is not there, you might encourage your pastor and your director of liturgical music to create it. If it is there and some are not affected by it, you might suggest the need for a few homilies focused on the centrality of the notion of gratitude to our faith and religion. The quiet time after reception of Holy Communion is, after all, intended to be a time of thanksgiving.
I can recall being encouraged as a child to recite a prayer called the “Anima Christi” after reception of Holy Communion. Perhaps you remember the words: “Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, save me. Blood of Christ, inebriate me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me. Passion of Christ, strengthen me. Within thy wounds hide me. Permit me not to be separated from Thee. From the wicked foe defend me. At the hour of my death call me, and bid me come to Thee, that with thy saints I may praise Thee forever and ever. Amen.” If prayers like this were available in the pews, perhaps there would be fewer departures before the final blessing!


  • In our area priests deliver a long, very long sermons after communion and before blessing. what to do ? people are committee with so many responsibilities after the MASS.

  • fmoreo says:

    You’re right the Anima Christi prayer should be added on the pews. I do not like to see people leaving right after communion.I have always told my son to stay right at the point when the priest sends us off with the blessing and with the sign of the cross.

  • Gem says:

    The Anima Christi is actually printed in the missals and hymnals – either on the back cover or within the last few pages of either books. I encourage my children to pray it too after receiving Holy Communion.

  • Nolitha says:

    I wait to the last verse of the recessional hymn. I am an active staunch confirmed Catholic, confirmed by a then bishop, now cardinal(what a blessing). I’m in love with a polygamist. Is the church going to kick me out when I marry him? If so, where shall I go? I just want to hear from you before I approach my parish priest.
    Thanks in advance.

    • dot00 says:

      Nolitha The Holy Roman Catholic church doesn’t Kick anyone out, Rather They pray for the Spirit of conversion, so that rather than him pulling you away from the church, You Pull Him In First… Do You understand? Like you said Approach your parish priest He will explain in person.

  • Ralph says:

    These 2 really make me so mad when this happens, and OH what about cell phones PLEASE, use you head, you are in Gods Home, Have some Respect. If I came to your house and disrespected you….HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, Respect for our Father…….Just in case some of you people forgot, OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN. You all get my POINT!

  • MikeR72 says:

    We were members of a parish (at one time) where the cantor simply said (as part of his/her announcement at each mass) “our closing hymn iis our final prayer” which helped to underscore the intent….I still think of that phrase when we’re part of but a hand full of folks still singing when the cantor in our current parish finishes.

  • Enriqueguintoesteban says:

    You’re Right

  • Patrice says:

    To fully engage and experience communion.with God…this helps…its personal first off…(this shouldn’t be like watching a sports event) have your eyes closed and find some quiet inside…think about what just happened…you are opening you whole self to God….Jesus, by receiving him….if you are doing won’t notice the people leaving…they have already left Jesus behind.

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