Saudi Arabia bans magazine with Pope Francis on cover

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National Geographic issue not allowed for ‘cultural reasons’

Saudi Arabia has banned the Arabic version of National Geographic magazine, which features an image of Pope Francis.

Although the company did not explicitly say so, it is believed that the Islamic state took offence to the image of the Catholic Church’s leaders. reports that the magazine’s editor-in-cheif Alsaad Omar al-Menhaly as issuing a statement in which he said: “Dear readers in Saudi Arabia, we apologize that you did not receive August’s magazine. According to the distribution company, the magazine was refused entry for cultural reasons.”

The headline, which suggested that the Pope was leading a “quiet revolution”, may also have upset a regime concerned about possible unrest.

While Saudi Arabia has admitted not a single Syrian refugee in four years, the tiny Vatican City State is taking two refugee families in this week, and Pope Francis has called for Catholics across Europe to take in Syrians, irrespective of their religion.


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    We Catholics are after human beings not religion to save lives from beasts and we dont supply these beasts money and arms to kill, torture and rape humans!….God Bless all Christians!….

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