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31 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

Can someone who wants to become a Catholic join the Church even though his invalid marriage causes an impediment to…

Full Question Can someone who wants to become a Catholic join the Church even though his invalid marriage causes an impediment to receiving Holy Communion?…

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26 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Putting Life on Ice

The latest company benefit, subsidising female employees to freeze their eggs so they don’t have to interrupt their careers, has drawn widespread criticism. Re…

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06 Jul 2016 Europe News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Christians must break down walls of fear and aggression, says Pope

Christians in Europe must break down “walls of fear and aggression” and try to understand people of other faiths and backgrounds, Pope Francis has said. In a…

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14 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

Aid workers in Greece braced for more migrants, despite worsening weather

Those fleeing conflict remain undeterred by the worsening weather and colder autumn temperatures Greece is bracing itself for thousands more Syrians and othe…

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19 Jul 2016 News No comments

Pax Christi take part in vigil as they await Trident renewal outcome

Religious groups gathered in Parliament Square last night to protest against the renewal of Britain's nuclear arms programme Members of Pax Christi, the inte…

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07 Jun 2016 News Comments (1)

Prayer is more important than economic efficiency, Pope tells mission societies

Francis was speaking to the national directors of the pontifical mission societies at a meeting in Rome Without passion and prayer, the pontifical mission soci…

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14 Jan 2016 News Vatican Comments (10)

Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga confirmes the existence of a “gay lobby” in the Vatican

Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, often called the Vice Pope for his high rank and position of influence with the Holy Father Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga has confirmed the…

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07 Sep 2016 Uncategorized No comments

President of Poland asks church leaders to protect Poles living in the UK

Poland's President Andrzej Duda has asked Cardinal Nichols to support better protections for Poles Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has written to church leader…

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27 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Disagreeing Within the Family

“How to win friends and influence people” has a flip side: “How to lose friends.” One of the easiest ways is by sticking to one’s convictions—or, at least…

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Secretary of State of the United States sends Pope Francis a congratulatory message on his 3rd anniversary as bishop of Rome

Sunday, 13th March marked 3 years since Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the Bishop of Rome.
Secretary of State of the United States, John Forbes Kerry conveyed his official congratulations to the Pontiff on the occasion of his 3rd anniversary as Pope.

In a press release, John Kerry thanked the Holy Father for his role in renewing his country’s diplomatic ties with Cuba.


Please find below the full text of his press statement:

On behalf of President Obama, the Department of State, and the people of the United States, Teresa and I offer our warmest congratulations to His Holiness Pope Francis on the third anniversary of his election as Bishop of Rome and leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Last fall, I was honored to join in welcoming the Holy Father on his first papal visit to our country, and, like millions of other Americans, I was inspired and moved by his powerful words at events in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., including his memorable address to the United States Congress.

The United States is grateful for His Holiness’ role in renewing our diplomatic ties with Cuba. The Holy Father was instrumental in encouraging talks between our two countries, and the United States will continue to seek his support as we proceed with our renewed bilateral relationship with Cuba. We also greatly appreciate the Holy Father’s support for Colombia and the FARC to successfully negotiate a peace agreement.

I believe that Americans — Catholics and non-Catholics alike — share His Holiness’ conviction that we must do all we can to protect the environmental health of our planet, to uphold the common good, to promote religious freedom, to care for refugees and others who are disadvantaged, and to strive for justice and peace. Many around the world are inspired by his dedication to helping the marginalized and disadvantaged. We share His Holiness’ conviction that all people have dignity and worth and that we must strive to help everyone reach his or her full potential.

On this special day, I join men and women across the globe in congratulating the Holy Father and in wishing him continued success in leading the Catholic Church and appealing to the better angels within us all.




  1. Doug Reply

    Typical. Anti-American, John Kerry pays homage to the most liberal pontiff in modern history.

  2. Peter Spasic Reply

    Holy Father??? John 17:11
    Pope Francis may be doing some good at a social and societal level, but he, along with the whole Roman system, is still leading millions to hell through their teachings on Mary, the “saints”, the role of “priests”, purgatory, prayers for the dead, last rites, etc.
    Dear Catholic friends, please be willing to question these by studying your Bibles and

    1. Peter Spasic Reply

      Oop … here is response in ful ..

      My response … offered in a sincere spirit …
      Holy Father??? This title is used only ONCE in the New Testament: John 17:11 – Jesus, in His prayer for His disciples, addresses God as “Holy Father”.
      Pope Francis may be very sincere and doing some good at a social and international level, but he, along with the whole Roman system, is still leading millions to hell through their teachings on Mary, the rosary, the “saints”, the role of “priests”, purgatory, masses and prayers for the dead, transferrable merits of the “saints”, last rites, etc. It is quite revealing how statues and pictures of Mary are usually more prominent than those of Jesus.
      Dear Catholic friends, please be willing to question these teachings by studying your Bibles and asking your priests to prove these doctrines from scripture. You may be told that truth is obtained from scripture (God’s word) PLUS traditions that evolved over time. But, any traditions must be supportable by plain scripture.
      Only last week a senior Catholic representative (during a panel discussion on church abuses and cover-ups) conceded that much wrong had been perpetrated, and ignored, because the laity were too subservient to their priests and the whole church establishment. Acts 17:11 admonishes us, the laity/pew-sitters to “search the scriptures” to check what we are told.
      May you come to see that Christ alone, and only, is the source of salvation. He needs no intermediaries (Hebrews 4:16) and does not require us doing time in purgatory. He alone, and only He, paid the FULL price for the sins of those who believe in Him alone.
      Your eternal future depends on it.

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