Serve families, hear confessions: Pope’s requests to priests of Schoenstatt Movement

In a message to priests of the Schoenstatt Movement, Pope Francis said that priests “must never be above or in front of others, but instead must walk alongside them, loving them with the same love of Christ.”

The Schoenstatt Movement was founded in 1914 by Father Jose Kentenich, and dedicated to spiritual renewal. The movement draws its name from the Marian shrine in Koblenz, Germany, where its headquartered are now located.

In his September 3 message to participants in a general chapter of the movement, the Pope cited with approval the inside of the founder, Father Kentenich, that “it was necessary to keep an ear to God’s heart and a hand on the pulse of the time… These are the two pillars of an authentic spiritual life.”

The Pope left the priests with three urgent suggestions: to dedicate themselves to help families, especially those in difficulty; to spend extra time hearing confessions during the Jubilee Year; and to pray for the Pontiff.


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