Shocking footage reveals teen’s plans to kill ‘all Christians’

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A 15-year-old teen is on the run after he posted a video of himself threatening to “murder” every Christian in the world.

The video, which was recorded in Verviers, features the teen speaking in Arabic: “Oh Allah, destroy the odious Christians. Oh Allah kill them all. Don’t spare any of them.”

The footage was uploaded to a French website and Belgian authorities have officially listed the boy a radical.

The teen’s father is believed to have brainwashed him and is responsible for inappropriate worship of Islamic cultists.

El Alami Amaouch is an imam, Muslim priest, at a mosque in Dison, near Verviers, where he serves as the “spiritual father” of a terrorist cell stationed there.

Theo Francken, Belgium’s Minister for Asylum and Migration, explained how authorities have repeatedly attempted to extradite Amaouch to the Netherlands but the terrorist has appealed the process, resulting in numerous delays.

ISIS crucifixion ISIS is without humanity.

“We have been trying to get him out of the country for the past year but he has appealed,” Francken described. “I can only hope that the Aliens’ Council deports him quickly.”

Meanwhile, the imam’s son’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The teen’s radicalism is believed to have been nurtured by Amaouch, with Francken stating, “It seems that it runs in the family.”

A Belgian authority source told the Telegraph police have decided to take the teen’s video seriously and are currently investigating.

Determining the teen’s location is currently being viewed “as a matter of urgency” as other radicals have proven violent in the past.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Doug Reply

    Radical? This young man isn’t the least bit radical. He is, however, loyal to century’s old Islamic teaching. If he were Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, etc., he might be considered radical in his position. This is the problem with our current culture. We do not see the world through the eyes of the enemy. This young man is doing what is pleasing to all Muslim leaders. He is committed to doing exactly what they are commanded to do. While we Christians follow an ideology of tolerance and forgiveness, they follow an ideology of hatred and intolerance. They are commanded to kill or enslave each of us if we do not convert. Is there some misunderstood complication that makes people in the western world accept these people? They exist only to murder us and to dominate the planet – period. They are descending upon western cultures via political appointments and high positions, media, misguided religious teachings and a false complacency or feeling that if we forgive and accept them, all will be well. It is clearly written that after they inhabit the lands of the infidels, they will remove their deceptive masks and reveal their true intention, to destroy us. We are inviting a Trojan horse of cancerous invaders as we allow “refuges” and immigrants into Christian based cultures. The sooner we admit this and take action, the better our chances of survival.

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