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Reconciliation between Catholics and Anglicans: The Remains of Thomas Becket to return to Canterbury

Fragments of bones remaining from Thomas Becket's body is said to be returned to England from Hungary after being held at the Basilica of Esztergom (Hungary's m…

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‘The violence must stop,’ Cardinal Nichols says, after MPs’ genocide vote

The bishops of England and Wales have welcomed a unanimous vote by the House of Commons declaring atrocities committed by ISIS as genocide. Cardinal Vincent …

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Was it inappropriate for my diocese to donate money to rebuild an Anglican church?

Full Question My Catholic diocese donated money and a stations of the cross set to Anglicans in our community when their church burned down. Do you think t…

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Synod 14: Testimony of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Conwayonway

Here below is the testimony of Stephen and Sandra Conway, Regional Directors for Africa of the Reunions Movement (South Africa), with an introduction from the P…

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Why I'm Catholic: The Foundational Error of Sola Scriptura

One the great church historians of the nineteenth century, German Lutheran scholar Adolf Harnack, bemoaned the ignorance his mainly Lutheran university students…

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17 Nov 2015 News USA Comments (3)

The Time has come for we all to Unite against Terrorism - World Catholic leaders

The Catholic world leaders in a meeting condemned the terrorist attack on Paris which have claimed over 129 lives and left many injured. In the Meeting, the lea…

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Croats and Serbs meet at Vatican to ‘re-read’ life of wartime Blessed

Croatian and Serbian experts have met at the Vatican to clarify questions about the life of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac – a national hero for Croats and a highly …

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A consistently pro-life ethic should include gun control

There have been two very different sets of responses to last week’s mass shooting in Roseburg, Ore. The shooter killed nine people before taking his own life du…

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Synod14: Third General Congregation: Summary of the General Debate

Below is the Vatican's unofficial translation of the summary of the Third General Congregation of the Synod of Bishops which took place this morning in the Vati…

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Should a priest invite non-Catholics who believe in the Real Presence to receive Communion?

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During a wedding rehearsal for a Catholic and non-Catholic, the priest invited the non-Catholics to receive the Eucharist at the nuptial Mass by saying “Anyone who believes that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ is invited to receive Communion at the wedding.” Should he have done this?


Such an invitation was inappropriate. The Eucharist is offered to non-Catholic Christians only under certain extraordinary circumstances provided for in canon 844 of the Code of Canon Law, which are not met in this circumstance. With a mixed marriage, a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian usually are counseled to have a nuptial liturgy outside of Mass to avoid the problem of a significant portion of the congregation—including the bride or groom—being unable to receive Communion.



  1. Mary MacKay Reply

    I think it should because Jesus did not turn anyone away

    1. Marv Ack Reply

      First one must confess, in order to be in the necessary state of grace before receiving Holy Communion.
      To receive Holy Communion when one has unconfessed mortal sins is to receive unworthily.

      So, point blank: You’re wrong.

  2. Rowena P. Castil Reply

    Catholic believers only have the right to receive communion, non-believers definitely should not take communion,

    1. Marv Ack Reply

      We *receive* Communion as we receive all gifts. We don’t *take* Communion.

  3. Marv Ack Reply

    Confession first, then Holy Communion. Otherwise, the communicant receives unworthily.

    Short answer: No. The priest was in error.

  4. Robert Tripp Reply

    I have ways had a problem when I hear such invitations. First, as an earlier posting stated, one must be in the state of grace when we receive communion (St. Paul alludes to this in Sacred Scripture). Second, any priest who makes such an invitation would seem to be violation of his vow/promise of obedience (if he says he is doing that as a matter of conscience, then his conscience is in opposition to the apostolic teaching authority of the Church). Third, the term communion means community, so in addition to accepting the real presence, a communicant must accept the whole of the teaching of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic community. It is true that Jesus did not turn away anyone, and that remains true today–ANYONE who accepts Him as savior may approach the church for Baptism and Reconciliation. Once these Sacraments have been received out of love of Him, then one can receive him in the Eucharist.

  5. Kate Reply

    Time for the Roman Catholc Church to stop hoarding communion as if private treasure. Let all who hunger, eat. Let all who thirst, drink.

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