Should Catholics who support abortion receive ashes?

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On Ash Wednesday, I noticed that a prominent Catholic politician had the ash smudge on his forehead during a news conference. Since this man supports abortion, how can he be given blessed ashes?


Blessed ashes are distributed at the start of Lent as a sign of penance and as an acknowledgement of sinfulness and the need for repentance. Ashes are a sacramental, not a sacrament. While there has been controversy over whether a public supporter of moral evil should be given Communion, there has been no similar consideration of whether he should be denied sacramentals such as blessed ashes. The Church calls such people to repentance and hopes that whatever actual graces may be received by the use of sacramentals will be salutary for the soul of someone who needs to repent of supporting moral evil.


  • Kathryn Steward-Wilks says:

    Supporting abortion and being Catholic is an oxymoron.This is what a “cafeteria Catholic” does.We can not pick and choose what parts of the Catholic faith we believe in and stand for.Its all or none.I am not saying that we should judge others,that is for the Lord to do,and also it is a different situation for someone who has in their past supported or even had an abortion,but has come to see the truth in this evil and repented.I’m speaking of one who is actively of the mindset that abortion is acceptable.

  • They’d better receive them. Remember man that thou art dust and into dust you shall return. May make them rethinks their stand on the issue.

  • Everyone has sinned, and no one should judge someone else’s sin as worse than their own

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