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New American Catholic Church app offers exclusive coverage of papal visit

The USA Catholic Church app is available as a free download US Catholic Church leaders have launched the USA Catholic Church mobile app offering exclusive co…

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23 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (4)

On the Cross, did Jesus really believe that his Father had abandoned him?

Full Question I have always been led to believe that Jesus thought his Father had given up on him when he said from the cross, “My God, my God, why have yo…

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02 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

You can survive in the midst of the scorning crowd

Recalling how challenging school was, then i i was regarded a "weirdo", no "girlfriend" no "Alcohol" no "partying" etc. Some people especially a guy from my lod…

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18 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

Being honest about our sin 'opens us to the Lord's caress'

Vatican City, Sep 18, 2014 / 06:10 am .- At daily Mass, Pope Francis drew from the Gospel reading of the woman who washed Christ's feet with her tears – noting …

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Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of the Rosary Feast Day: October 7th When the Holy League fleet of Christian allied forces (the Papacy, Spain, the Republic of Venice, Knights Hosp…

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25 Jul 2016 Articles Comments (4)

Like the Fatima visionaries, we should meditate on hell

What are we to make of the vision of hell which was seen by the Fatima children on July 13, 1917? The vision was revealed in Sister Lucia’s Third Memoir – wh…

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20 Apr 2016 United Kingdom Comments (9)

The 1967 Act, which decriminalized abortion, was as an “evil and misguided law", Bishop Davies said

Pro-life campaigners will need more patience than William Wilberforce in their struggle to stop abortion, the Bishop of Shrewsbury has said. In a confer…

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03 Aug 2016 Q&A Comments (4)

Are nuns required to hand over to their order money they receive as a gift?

Full Question We have a relative who is a nun and she is about to celebrate a religious anniversary. We were going to give her a small mone…

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08 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

Is "liturgical dancing" permitted at Mass?

Full Question Is "liturgical dancing" permitted at Mass? I've seen it once or twice, and it looks silly and irreverent to me, like some kind of pseudo-inte…

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Shouldn’t we attend Bible studies to become more familiar with Scripture?

Full Question

We Catholics are ignorant of our Bible. Shouldn’t we attend Bible studies?


It depends. If you can find a good one, by all means, but don’t attend just any Bible study. There are a number of reasons to be cautious.

Many “non-denominational” Bible studies attack Catholic beliefs. Unless you’re already familiar with Scripture, they might throw you off track.

Second, the Bible is a large book and, despite what Evangelicals claim, it’s not always clear, even on basic matters such as justification. (For example, compare Romans 3:28 and James 2:24). It’s good to have someone with a working knowledge of the Bible to guide your study.

Third, some people use Bible studies as platforms to promulgate their own views of Catholicism, even if these views don’t coincide with what the Church teaches. You need to be discerning.

If you don’t know where to go to find a top-notch Bible study, ask a priest you trust to recommend one. If you still can’t find a good one, study Scripture on your own with a good Bible translation and a good Catholic commentary.



  1. Vivian Madu Reply

    We behold you oh mother of JESUS CHRIST in obedience and respect to your last directive to MAN as you hung on that cross of salvation! May we never depart from honoring this request from our LORD and GOD!

  2. CJ Reply

    But yes, you are right, Catholics should know their Bible. Its a Catholic-compiled book after all. It’s our book! 🙂 “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” ~ Saint Jerome

  3. Lorry Reply

    With all the resources we have available to us today, there is no reason why anyone can’t study the Holy Bible! People like Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Brant Pitre, Dr. Michael Barber and many, many more!
    Web site’s that are wonderful in helping, and many more too!
    I have listened to over 50 different CD’s over the last 10 years and feel I have an equivalent of a college degree! My commute to and from work is an hour each way. I listen to these CD’S every day.
    These Dr.s are professors, so you know you can trust them!!

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