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Pope Benedict's Speech points caught clearer, after ten years

Today marks the tenth anniversary of perhaps the most controversial papal speech of the last half-century, an address given by emeritus Pope Benedict XVI in Reg…

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20 May 2015 Vatican No comments

Monday Meeting of Curia Leaders was devoted to Jubilee Year plans

When Pope Francis met on May 18th, 2015 with top officials of the Roman Curia, the meeting was devoted to plans for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Vatican Insider r…

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Is passionate kissing only moral within marriage?

May a man and a woman who are dating, but unmarried, engage in passionate kissing? Is passionate kissing outside of marriage moral, or a venial sin, or a mortal…

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06 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (28)

Should I leave the Church because of my homosexuality?

Full Question I am a homosexual. I am also a Catholic who loves my religion but feels that it is against me. Should I abandon my Catholic beliefs, since I …

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18 Nov 2015 Americas News No comments

A Missing Mexican Priest found Dead

Fr. Erasmo Pliego de Jesus have been missing for a long time before now, alongside two other priests whom were as well abducted in Mexico. Fr. Erasmo Plieg…

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Despite objections, Calif. governor signs assisted-suicide bill

After months of debate and strong opposition, California governor Jerry Brown on Monday signed into a law a bill enabling doctors to prescribe drugs that will e…

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23 Aug 2016 News Comments (1)

Filipino bishops demand justice amid government’s violent crackdown on drug crime

More than 1,700 suspected drug dealers and users have been killed since the government intensified its anti-illegal drugs drive Catholic and Protestant bishops…

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11 Sep 2016 Exhortations Comments (2)

'Beautiful are these three words: forgiveness, love and joy' - Pope Francis shares Christ's love

Christ took on our sins so that we might have true freedom, Pope Francis said Saturday during a special audience in St. Peter's Square, where he gave confirma…

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12 Sep 2015 Middle East News No comments

ISIS releases photos of only remains of Palmyra's 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel

Shocking photos of how ISIS destroyed the 2,000-year old temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra have circulated the Internet. The photos were published in the …

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Sisters of the Good Shepherd offer gratitude to God for 150 years of presence in Myanmar

On 5th February 2015, Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Myanmar kicked off a one year preparation for the 150th Jubilee celebration of the Good Shepherd presence in Myanmar. A special thanksgiving Mass held at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Yangon on the 16th of January, 2016 marked the end of the Jubilee celebration. His Eminence, Archbishop of Yangon, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, presided over Mass.

“The journey of 150 years reminds us to honor the past, celebrating the present and to nurture a legacy of our mission for the future with hope," Sister Elizabeth Joseph, R.G.S., told CNA Jan. 19.

“It’s a joyful moment for our communities to be grateful to God and pay tribute to our founding members and missionaries who bravely dedicated their lives serving Christ through their service despite tough moments," Sr. Elizabeth said.

The Good Shepherd Sisters reflected on the following Jubilee themes:

“Rooted in God and in Reality”…”Remembering the past with gratitude”…”Embracing challenges with hope”…”Taking risk together for mission.”

As part of the spiritual preparation, the Good Shepherd Sisters had Jubilee reflections and monthly community sharing which started from February 2015 and ended in January 2016. One of the Rev.Sr’s said that the reflection helped deepen the sisters’ spirituality and strengthened their vision and mission “in the footsteps of our founding members." The preparations produced “deep joy and gratitude."

In his homily, Cardinal Bo, praised the contributions and service of the Good Shepherd sisters in the country.

He commended the sisters’ and thanked them for their role in the society; serving the disadvantaged, marginalized and oppressed. Comparing the sisters’ history to Myanmar’s most prominent river, the Irrawaddy he said:

“It flows to give life to the whole of Myanmar."

“The Good Shepherd sisters carry a mission of reconciliation, searching for the lost, healing the wounded, sharing merciful love…. which will continue to flow," Cardinal Bo added.

Provincial superior for Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, Sr. Regina Htoo, R.S.G., delivered a vote of thanks at the end of the celebrations. She thanked God and everyone who accompanied the journey of the congregation. She summarized the words of the sisters’ foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier: “gratitude is the memory of the heart."

The Myanmar congregation was founded by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, in 1866. In 1966, with the nationalization of the schools and the expulsion of missionaries, all the Good Shepherd missionaries were forced out of the mission and the country. Christian institutions were mistrusted and considered foreign.

Nine local Sisters returned to Myanmar in 1973 and re – founded the congregation. The Good Shepherd mission has grown remarkably in pastoral activities. Today there are 51 Good Shepherd Sisters, 2 novices and 9 candidates in Myanmar serving in over 6 communities in Myanmar.

In an attempt to empower women,the Sisters are committed to providing basic education and intensive vocational training for young women in social crisis. They offer skills training to young girls to help them to earn their living with dignity,they care for prostitutes, women at risk of human trafficking, and street children. The sisters are also active in healthcare, prison ministry social outreach and other related issues.They are very active in counselling services to individuals and families, also, with pastoral work in the parish
They also provide hostel care for students who come from rural areas to the city to study and day-care centers for HIV-positive children and the children of parents living with HIV or drug addiction.





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