Sixth Meeting of Council of Cardinals Begins

“Council of Nine” to Continue Work on Reforming Roman Curia

The sixth meeting of the Council of Cardinals desired by Pope Francis to assist him in the governance of the Universal Church to study the plans for reforming the Apostolic Constitution “Pastor Bonus” on the Roman Curia has begun today at the Saint Martha residence in the Vatican.

The meeting will continue until Wednesday, September 17. The work of the “Council of Nine,” also includes the Cardinal Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, whom the Pope added to the advisory council.

Previous meetings took place from October 1-3, December 3-5, 2013, and February 28-30, April 1-4 and July 1-4 of this past year.

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  1. Francis James Nonus III Reply

    Tonight riding the city bus I realized the sweet smell of sucess is pale to the sweetness of the decline of financial well being. I realized the rest of the world becomes a rainbow up above and all others glisten as gemstones or stars. It truly wonderful to be last and put others before you. When you walk with Jesus, people become so much more. I long to sleep on the ground with my brothers and sisters I have seen. Then I will truly know the love of God. When I have nothing I will have everything.

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