Small Efforts “Daily” is a positive path to Heaven – Says Pope

Pope Francis in his homily at an early morning mass in the chapel of his residence explained that just as atheletes we as christains too need to train to attain the Victorious life of christain which is Heaven.

He reflected on the first reading ofrom the book of Saint Paul to the Romans and urged everyone to offer our bodies and soul to the lord “as slaves to righteousness for sanctification.”

Pope Francis adviced us to make efforts to uphold righteousness in order to sanctifed as he said “The efforts we make, this daily work of serving the Lord with our soul, with our heart, with our body, with our whole life only opens the door to the Holy Spirit,” the Pope said. “It is he who enters into us and saves us! He is the gift in Jesus Christ!”

He added that working towards attaining Heaven is a day-by-day struggle, and he admitted that he is also aware that on eachday of our lives temptations to go back to our constant since, original sin and the Devil will always stand in our way. As an example, the Pope spoke about a woman he met who despite suffering from cancer, “moved with happiness” and “acted like she was healthy.’

“And speaking about this attitude, she told me, ‘Father, I would do anything to beat the cancer!’ It’s that way with the Christian,” the Pope said. “We who have received this gift in Jesus Christ and we have passed from sin, from the life of iniquity” and must keep moving forward, “one step every day.”

These small efforts, he said, “help us not to fall, not to go back, not to return to iniquity but to go forward toward this gift, this promise of Jesus Christ which is precisely the encounter with Him.”

“Let us ask this grace from the Lord: to be strong, to be strong in this training of life toward the encounter, that we might receive the gift of justification, the gift of grace, the gift of the Spirit in Christ Jesus,” the Pope said.



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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I would like to hear a lot more about “original sin.” This is a huge problem for the RCC having accepted that evolution explains how we got here and that the story in Genesis is “figurative.” The church still insists that the account of the fall in Genesis 3 “affirms a primeval event, a deed that took place at the beginning of the history of man,” and that “revelation gives us the certainty of faith that the whole of human history is marked by the original fault freely committed by our first parents.”

    As we have learned more and more about our ancestry by studying DNA, we’ve learned that our ancestral Adam and ancestral Eve may or may not have been alive at the same time, and it’s highly unlikely that they knew each other or lived anywhere near each other. As we learn more about our ancestry, I’m sure the RCC will be watching in rapt attention. Right now the Church can claim, based on what we know today, that there is the tiniest of possibilities, however slim, that we descended from the two parents whose DNA we can all trace back to, but I’m sure there’s concern about ongoing research to continue to pin this down. The chance that we descended from a literal Adam and Eve is about the same as the chance that Bible God sucked up all evidence of the Exodus – 2 to 3 million people at known locations and not a shard of pottery, spear tip, shield, wagon wheel or anything else has been found to support that myth. Keep in mind that the Genesis myth is supposed to have been brought to us by Moses who was brought to us by the Exodus myth. The foundation for the Abrahamic religions is composed of shifting salt and sand.

    Why is this issue of original sin so important? For the same reason that fundagelicals insist on a literal reading of Genesis. It’s because the Church, which claims to have the mind of Christ, knows very well that it cannot tamper with the revelation of original sin without undermining the mystery of Christ. If there was no original sin there is no reason to believe in Jesus in order to be saved. Do away with original sin and you do away with fear, and Christianity may not be able to survive without fear. It’s the driving force behind the religion.

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