10 Aug 2016 News No comments

Christians say defeating ISIS won’t make Iraq safe for them

Despite military defeats suffered by ISIS, Iraqi Christians say minority groups in the country face further uncertainty As operations to retake the militant-…

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15 Jun 2016 Articles No comments

How Pope Paul VI abolished the Index of Prohibited Books, 50 years ago today

In establishing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Integrae Servandae, Pope Paul VI gave the congregation the duty of “carefully examin book…

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19 Sep 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Africa will save marriage, family, Cardinal Sarah vows

“It will be Africa, and therefore the Church, who will save the family," Cardinal Robert Sarah said in an interview with the National Catholic Register. Card…

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19 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

How is the date for Easter determined?

Full Question How is the date for Easter determined? Last year it was very early. Answer Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first…

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01 Aug 2015 Q&A Comments (2)

Why did Jesus need to be "driven" by the Spirit into the desert?

Full Question In the Catechism of the Catholic Church 538, it states that Jesus was driven by the Spirit into the desert after his baptism by John. Why doe…

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03 Jul 2016 Articles No comments

Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

As both a guest and, at times, a host on our radio broadcast, Catholic Answers Live, I have spoken on many different topics over the years. Mostly, I do t…

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27 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

What is the origin of the statement "Rome has spoken, the matter is finished"?

Full Question Several times I've heard the quote "Rome has spoken, the matter is finished." What is the origin of this statement? Answer The statem…

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Women celebrate ISIS-sanctioned burka ban

A new burka ban has left women burning the coverings and celebrating their liberation. Daily Mail reported an ISIS-sanctioned ban of all burkas from their bu…

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04 Sep 2015 Articles Resources Comments (1)

Are you a fallen RC, Catholic-connected, or a cultural Catholic?

Sam Clark wasn’t reared as a Catholic. He never converted, either. Yet Clark, 50, of Carson City, Mich., likes Pope Francis — “the most ecumenical pope in my…

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SSPX criticise Pope for causing ‘painful confusion’ among faithful

The Society of St Pius X (SSPX) has accused Pope Francis of spreading confusion and errors about the faith.

A statement from the traditionalist group suggested that a new attempt at reconciliation with Rome had stalled, and that the society was divided over next steps.

The statement indicates that the SSPX believe that “painful confusion" currently exists within the Church and considers “a large number of pastors, including the Pope himself" responsible for what the group regard as doctrinal errors in teaching. The SSPX believe that the “cult of man" has replaced the worship of God.

The statement added that the SSPX conduct “penance" for the actions of the Pope in the hope that he one day may “have the strength to proclaim Catholic faith and morals in their entirety."

The late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre founded the society in 1969, in opposition to the Second Vatican Council’s modernizing reforms, introduction of Mass in the vernacular and style of outreach to Jews and other Christians.

Talks with the group began under St. John Paul II and continued throughout the papacy of Benedict XVI.

St John Paul had excommunicated SSPX leader Bishop Bernard Fellay and other prominent members of the society in 1988 when they were ordained without papal permission, but the Vatican resumed reconciliation talks in 2014.

In April this year, Pope Francis met with Bishop Fellay in further attempts to resolve the differences between the two sides.

The society said on Wednesday that its primary aim wasn’t legal recognition but restoring Catholic tradition to the church.




  1. Michael g Reply

    I agree with SSPX here. Our Pope or his words is being used against the teachings of the Church. The Media is a lying entity.

  2. Rachel Nason Reply

    Every one is looking for someone to blame for something. We are on earth to love and forgive
    That is the main message of our Holy Father. We need to stop our selfish open opinions God Bless our Pope

  3. Tish Morgna Reply

    We are on this earth to save our immortal souls by obeying God’s commands. Those who blatantly discard and replace His Divine commands sin grievously, especially if they are in a position of authority. We do not need to stop our opinions simply because those who agree with error desire us to shut-up.

  4. Anne Cuthill Reply

    Even if an Angel of light were to speak a different gospel we would be bound to reject it. Francis needs to study the Baltimore catechism.

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