22 Dec 2015 Articles Comments (5)

Asking the Right Question About Islam's God

In the wake of last week’s suspension of a professor at (evangelical) Wheaton College for her public statement that Christians and Muslims worship the sam…

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20 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (2)

7 powerful morning prayers you need to get your day started with God

Rise and shine - the great morning awaits all of God's children. This may be a well-known fact ... not everyone is a morning person. Some people really strug…

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Bishop Daly, who aided Bloody Sunday victims, dies

The retired Bishop of Derry, who became a hero after administering last rites to victims on the streets and waving a blood-stained handkerchief, has died at the…

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31 Oct 2015 Asia-Pacific News No comments

Christians in Malaysia Fearful amid growing intolerance

Auxiliary Bishop John Sherrington of Westminster is appealing for prayers for the Christians in Malaysia. Auxiliary Bishop John Sherrington of Westminster sa…

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11 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (8)

Eight Questions Non-Catholics (and many cradle Catholics) Almost Always Ask When They Attend Mass

Whether it’s non-Catholics who attend Mass with their Catholic significant other or folks who are inquiring about the faith; if you weren’t brought up with Mass…

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Plenary Councils of Baltimore

Baltimore, PLENARY COUNCILS OF.—While the ecclesiastical province of Baltimore comprised the whole territory of the American Republic, the provincial councils h…

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Kenyan bishop: defend family against outside ideological pressures

A Kenyan bishop urged the faithful to defend marriage, and resist the pressure of ideologies that undermine family life, in a September 2 address. Speaking t…

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Pope Francis' latest message to all families

"I prefer a family with tired faces from generous giving, to faces with makeup that know nothing of tenderness and compassion," says Pope. Scroll down to rea…

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29 Jun 2015 Exhortations Vatican Comments (1)

Don’t fish in aquariums, Francis tells future Vatican diplomats

Clerics who work in the Vatican’s diplomatic corps are not called to be “senior officials of a state" or “a self-preserving superior caste, welcome in worldly l…

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Does God love Satan? Since we are to love our enemies, does that mean we should love Satan?

Answer: No, God does not love Satan, and neither should we. God cannot love that which is evil and unholy, and Satan embodies all of that. He is the enemy (1 Peter 5:8); the evil one (Matthew 6:13); the father of lies and a murderer (John 8:44); the accuser of God’s people (Revelation 12:10); the tempter (1 Thessalonians 3:5); proud, wicked and violent (Isaiah 14:12-15); a deceiver (Acts 13:10); a schemer (Ephesians 6:11); a thief (Luke 8:12); and many more evil things. He is, in fact, everything that God hates. The heart of Satan is fixed and confirmed in his hatred of God, his judgment is final, and his destruction is sure. Revelation 20 describes God’s future plan for Satan, and love for Satan has no part in it.

Jesus’ command that we love our enemies (Matthew 5:44) is meant to govern interpersonal relationships in this world. We love God, and we love people (even our enemies), who are made in God’s image. Angels are not made in God’s image. We are never told to love the holy angels, and we are certainly never told to love the evil angels.

Since Satan is everything that is antithetical to the God we love, we cannot love Satan. If we loved Satan, we would be forced to hate God, because holiness is the opposite of sin.

God has already determined that there will be no forgiveness for Satan; we are the objects of God’s sacrificial love, shown on the cross. As God was lovingly redeeming mankind, He was putting Satan “to open shame" (Colossians 2:15). God’s judgment of Satan will be part of His great love for us.



  1. Ruben Reply

    confusing explanation… God created Lucifer as a head angel who betrayed God because of pride and envy… I don’t want to doubt the power of God but I am doubting the explanation because if Lucifer made the world to be bad which was created by God (Genesis) then since God is the Alpha and Omega then God has the power to end the evil… My faith is that… God gave power to Lucifer (when she’s not yet bad) to manage the world but not heaven… Lucifer overused his power to ruin the people of God in this world because she wants to take over her Creator who is God. God who has no more control with Lucifer is still hoping to recover the world whom He entrusted to Lucifer that’s why God sent His only begotten Son to redeem the world with Lucifer and the purpose Christ in this world is to spread the message of God the Father reminding us that despite of His willingness to protect us… Salvation can only be achieved to mankind and we can only enter the kingdom of God when our faith and love remains with our HIM…

    1. Shawn Reply

      God loved Lucifer while he was an angel. After that, God left Satan to his decided fate.

      And as far as “Well God knew” argument. Think of it this way: what would be the point of free will if God just told Lucifer “you can’t disobey me?” He gave His angels free will. All of them were good upon creation, and asked “will you serve Me?” Those who rebelled brought evil into creation, not God. It’s like blaming a gun manufacturer for what a criminal does with it.

    2. Lysel Reply

      It is not confusing. It is a very clear explanation. Lucifer hate God with all of his heart that is why the battle in heaven created.

  2. makasi chinedu Reply

    All I can say is that, everything works the way God wants it. This is because, He knows everything.

  3. sainted Reply

    What do you mean we don’t love the holy angels like Michael the archangel and the likes and yet you have lots of prayers regarding them. As one prays with love otherwise one is just talking to oneself.

  4. jimmy.paul Reply

    Please god help me everything i no you understand me i love you god allways please please help me you no my mind .amen

  5. Cathy Reply

    At Rubery, the explanation is very clear from me to understand. I also understood your point of view too. We cannot love Satan because we will reject God’s love for us. We are the image of God, he breathed on us and gave us life. But Satan tries to take us from God because of jealousy, power and pride. God is patience with Satan and the day is coming when Satan will pay for all that has happened.

  6. engracerz Reply

    No, i dont think so. I dont agree with your answer. If you read the book Interview with an Exorcist by the famous exorcist Father Fortea..He was asked similar question and part of his response I quoted..” God loves the demons but condemns them nevertheless. Why? Because they have chosen hell by their rebellion against Him – God is simply ratifying their choice.”
    Take it from an exorcist who deals with demons and the devil his whole life.

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