What will our resurrected bodies be like?

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I am having a hard time understanding the resurrected body. How old will we appear? If someone dies when he is ninety-five, will he forever look like he did at ninety-five? If he had severe deformities, will they be gone, or will they just not matter in the resurrected body?


The Church teaches that at the resurrection the bodies of the just will be re-modeled and transfigured to the pattern of the risen Christ. Like his body, our resurrected bodies will be those of a person in his prime. They will be incapable of suffering. They will have a spiritual nature—not that they will be pure spirit, but they will be like that of Jesus, who could penetrate closed doors after he had risen. They will have a new agility in that they will be able to obey the soul with great ease and speed—so that when the spirit is willing, the flesh will no longer be weak! Our bodies will be free from all deformity and will reflect God’s beauty to the degree that our souls do.



  1. Kimbowa santos Reply

    Will we still know our dear ones after resurrection ?

  2. Kira Morris Reply

    Well, that’s good news for me, bad news for my Turner’s Syndrome. Ha, ha!

  3. Thomas R Reply

    I sometimes struggle with this, in a weird way, as I like being dwarfish in size and deformed. But healthy, agile, and such sounds great.

  4. Nwokoro Peter Joshua Reply

    That is a mighty information

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