Stunning photo shows soul leaving the body

A truck driver captured a picture of a fatal motorcycle crash on Tuesday. When he shared the picture on Facebook, something surprising happened. The image went viral because it may show the victim’s soul leaving his body.

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – Truck driver, Saul Vazquez captured a picture of a fatal accident on Tuesday. The crash involved a motorcycle in Powell County, Kentucky. A motorcycle rider sustained fatal injuries in the crash. No other people were involved.

After Vazquez posted the image to Facebook, it went viral. The reason is astonishing. The picture shows a ghostly figure, in the shape of a person, rising above the victim’s body. Many believe it shows the man’s soul departing.


Could it be?

The Church does not specify when the soul leaves the body, either at the moment of death or at some other time. An ambulance transported the victim to a hospital where he soon died. But it is possible his soul departed his body before doctors could declare him deceased?

It’s also unusual for a soul to be photographed, but perhaps there are conditions where this is possible?



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    It’s called pareidolia: In the present world of better understand of how the brain works, this post reveals how uneducated and deluded one can be. It’s your choice: remain such or understand reality through science.

    1. E Reply

      It looks lie like Jesus than a soul.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    If a soul can be photographed, that means it must be comprised of a substance that can reflect light particles – for that is how photography works. If this “soul substance” reflected light particles, we would know it by now. Of course, there is no objective, scientifically confirmed interaction between light particles and “souls” however one defines that. Photographic glitches occur all the time as every single one of us knows. What is the more likely? The answer is obvious.

    1. thomas Reply

      Please show me a photograph of oxygen with your camera, that I may believe it exist.

  3. Myky Reply

    No scientific analysis, study can unravel or surpass the supernatural and mysterious ways/workings of the Almighty God without his approval. Besides, i wonder some people are always bent and are quick to condemn or criticize issues like this that are beyond their understanding.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      But this is not beyond our understanding. There is a reasonable, practical, scientific reason that people got these images on Polaroid cameras. It’s reproducible.

  4. patracie Reply

    When Pope John Paul 11 was shot in his popemobile, there was a picture taken of his slumped figure. When the picture was viewed there was the image of Our Lady holding the Pope in her arms. If the scientifically minded wish to conclude that those of us who believe in such miraculous occurrences are “delusional” I suggest you show more respect for people who have this special faith. You may want proof to explain everything of faith, behaving like the doubting Thomas who just could not trust that Jesus had reappeared to the apostles after death …well, sorry, people…no one is going to persuade you to believe. Just stop insulting those of us who do believe.

  5. Maria Landry Reply

    I want to share my experience with you. On October 13, 1998, (Miracle of the Sun) my family and I went to Conyers, GA for an apparition of Our Lady. Word was if you took pictures of the sun sometimes miracles happen in your picture once they’ve developed. So I’m snapping pictures when all of a sudden a stranger comes up to me, takes a picture of the sun, hands me the polaroid picture BEFORE it develops and walks off. Once it develops I find the blue sky with the sun shining bright, rays around it then below, the figure of Mary standing over the Earth. Around her dots of white which I believe are souls leaving purgatory going into Heaven! Beautiful treasure I have. I tried posting it but it wouldn’t allow me to. By the way, I never saw that man again! Perhaps it was Jesus walking among us!🙏🏻

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Did you take another picture of the sun and compare the pictures? This clearly sounds like a typical photographic effect. The mind fills in the blanks with what it wants to see. Christians see Jesus and Mary, Buddhists see Buddha, Muslims see Muhammad. The brain is very good at deceiving us – particularly when we’re open to such things.

      1. Maria Landry Reply

        Yes I did although not from this man’s camera. As I mentioned it was a total stranger that gave me the undeveloped photo and then he disappeared. There’s so much in my photo; I don’t know how one would technically explain it all away.

        1. Patrick Gannon Reply

          Unfortunately, that information is of no value in determining if there was really something supernatural going on. The stranger could have modified his camera or the film to create the image – and may have been doing the same for other people in order to feed the frenzy; however I doubt he modified the camera, and that there is a more rational explanation for the pictures that were produced by Polaroid cameras.
          I’ve found an explanation for the “golden door” that many people report – this is a reproducible phenomenon using a Polaroid, and only a Polaroid. The image appears when a picture is taken with the sun in the center of the view-finder, and appears to show a doorway from which some claim to see Mary emerging. The phenomenon is based on the camera’s design.

          From Dale Heatherington. who claims to have figured this out, about 7 years ago:

          “Is this pattern really the doorway to heaven or just reflections and distortions in the optics of the pilgrims cameras? To find out, I went to the Roswell K Mart and bought the cheapest Polaroid camera they had; a $29.95 Polaroid One Step. I took it to my home several miles northwest of Roswell and took a few sun pictures. In spite of the facts that I’m skeptical and 40 miles from Conyers, the date was February 29th (not the 13th) and the camera had never been blessed by Nancy Fowler I got excellent photos of the “Golden Door” as shown above. I took several pictures under different conditions in an effort to determine what causes the Golden Door effect. I even photographed a 50 watt halogen spot light in a darkened room.

          Here is what I discovered:

          1. The camera doesn’t have to be in Conyers.
          2. Time and date are not significant.
          3. The sun must be centered in the view finder.
          4. The sun must not be completely obscured by clouds.
          5. The Golden Door image will remain upright regardless of the rotation of the camera.
          6. The Golden Door image will appear when photographing any bright point-source of light, not just the sun.

          Clearly, due to the last two conditions, the Golden Door image is created inside the camera and is not a real external image. What causes it? A major clue can be found by looking into the lens opening. The iris has the same shape as the Golden Door image.

          To verify that the iris shape is related to the golden Door image, I calculated the ratio of height to width of both the Golden Door in the photographs and the the camera iris. I was not surprised to discover they were identical with the height being 1.9 times the width with curves on the top and bottom. It seems that through some quirk in Polaroid One Step optics an enlarged image of the iris is projected onto the film when a bright point source of light is centered in the field of view. Although I don’t know exactly how this happens, I have reached the conclusion the Golden Door is generated in the camera and is not the doorway to heaven, contrary to what some Conyers pilgrims may believe. But you don’t need to take my word for it. If you have any doubts I encourage you to try these experiments yourself.

          1. Maria Landry

            I’m sure you mean well but some things I would rather choose to believe rather than have explained especially with the world headed the direction it’s going. Take care! 😊🙏🏻

          2. Patrick Gannon

            Would an all-powerful god, if such existed, give you credit for believing things for which there is no evidence, or would He reward you for using your brain, logic, critical thinking and intellect to make the most reasonable decision based on evidence? This strikes me as the parable of the talents, where the guy who didn’t use the talents he was given, was punished dreadfully. Why would a good god give us these tools of intellect and reason if He was going to punish us for using them? How could that be considered “good?”
            People lie to themselves when they believe things for which there is no evidence or worse – when the evidence completely counters their beliefs. This cannot be healthy for our minds and brains.

          3. Maria Landry

            But those with faith the size of a mustard seed can enter into Heaven. Faith is believing without seeing!😉

          4. Tom Rafferty

            Wow, this comment thread really shows the extent the faithful will go to in support of their delusion. Really, folks, enlighten yourselves to the results of scientific inquiry. Again, back to my original comment, what you are experiencing is pareidolia stimulated by your dogma. Please educate yourselves, for your sake and for the sake of society. We cannot survive as a species much longer unless the majority of people in the world can see through this unwarranted belief without evidence called faith.

          5. Maria Landry

            Look, Sir, with all due respect, you replied to my comment. You don’t need to insult me because you don’t share my beliefs. Nor am I forcing you to share my faith. You aren’t going to change my mind or rattle my faith so go away. I’m done with you.

          6. Patrick Gannon

            Faith is pretending to know things you don’t know. If I say I have faith in the existence of fairies and unicorns, is that to be rewarded and applauded, or should I be directed to the nearest professional for psychiatric evaluation? I just can’t imagine an all-powerful being who gives us such wonderful tools, far more advanced than any other creature on this planet, to think, reason, use logic, critical thinking, etc. and you want us to discard those tools? I would again, suggest you read the Parable of the Talents, and consider the punishment meted out for the man who did not use the tools he was given wisely.

  6. Elisabeth Reply

    I wonder if it was that moment when a soul leaves as not to feel the trauma. if he were able to be saved he’d say he had an “out of body experience & saw my body being loaded onto the ambulance.” Looks like the head is tilted down viewing the scene below.

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