Synod is neglecting issue of homosexuality, says English bishop

By October 20, 2015 2 Comments

Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton discussed the synod in an interview with Vatican Radio
Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton has criticised the synod for failing to properly address the issue of homosexuality.
Speaking to Vatican Radio about the concerns of gay Catholics, he said: “I’m a little concerned that we haven’t faced up to those issues.”
The bishop, one of two synod fathers from England, said: “The majority of synod fathers are not considering this to be the main issue in their own situation and although the issues have been raised occasionally, they’ve been put in a siding.
“It’s a combination of their being too difficult and also the basic theological anthropology, our understanding from the Scripture of man and woman, there is no room for a same-sex relationship. So I think they’re saying, ‘we don’t know what to do’.”
He added: “We can’t leave people dangling in the air and in limbo. The Lord loves us all and we need to find a way of embracing everyone.”
Bishop Doyle also said that his synod group “is a bit traditional, and I’m concerned there may be a little fear that in trying to explore the possibilities we’re undermining the eternal truths of the Church. And I just don’t think that is the case.”