11 Sep 2014 USA Comments (1)

Sen. Cruz's tense Middle East remarks prompt calls for Christian unity

Washington D.C., Sep 11, 2014 / 03:03 am .- Amid controversial remarks by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), Christian leaders at a historic ecumenical conference voiced t…

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20 Oct 2015 News USA No comments

Synod is being distorted by critics, says Cardinal Wuerl

The US cardinal told America magazine the synod was not being manipulated The Synod of Bishops on the family is not being manipulated, rather the distortion …

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25 Apr 2016 Uncategorized No comments

‘Happiness can’t be downloaded like an app,’ Pope Francis tells teenagers

Thousands of teenagers visited the Vatican for the Jubilee for teenagers Pope Francis has told teenagers, happiness can’t be downloaded like a mobile phone a…

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01 Sep 2014 USA No comments

Hundreds flock to conference looking to revive parish life

Denver, Colo., Sep 1, 2014 / 12:24 pm - Some 500 Catholic leaders and their pastors from across the United States met recently at the first-ever Amazing Parish…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles Comments (2)

How often should I go to confession?

I'm so sorry that your recent experience with the sacrament of Reconciliation has been so upsetting for you. You are doing just fine with the way you've been go…

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13 Aug 2016 Middle East News USA Vatican No comments

'Have mercy on ISIS': Woman prays for the world

Christina Shabo was born under a tree in a refugee camp after her family fled bombing in their Iraqi hometown in 1991. Several of her relatives have been kil…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles Comments (1)

About the monks, the monastery, and the missal

A long time ago — more than 1,350 years, actually — the monastery of Melrose stood at a bend in the River Tweed, in the border region between England and Scotla…

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12 Feb 2016 News USA Vatican Comments (2)

Vatican: Reporting cases of child abuse is more of a "moral obligation" rather than a "civil obligation

Given the scourge clerical sexual abuse scandals have caused for the Catholic Church, the Holy Father has called for the church to exhibit “zero tolerance" of s…

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10 Sep 2015 Europe News No comments

Cardinal Kasper: Latin theology is a ‘prisoner’ of commutative justice

In an address delivered at a conference on the spirituality of mercy and forgiveness hosted by the ecumenical Monastic Community of Bose, Cardinal Walter Kasper…

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Syrian bishop explains exodus of refugees, rips failure of international leaders to end bloodshed

The Christian population of Aleppo, Syria, has been cut by two-thirds in the past five years, and the city’s Catholic bishop admits “a real fear that our community might disappear altogether.”

Bishop Antoine Audo, speaking to reporters in Rome, said that about 100,000 Christians have left Aleppo, out of a pre-war population of 150,000. Today, he reported, “One part of the city is controlled by the government, while the rest is in the hands of fundamentalist groups who are constantly attacking the area controlled by the Syrian army– and that’s where the majority of Christians live.”

Aleppo is especially vulnerable, the bishop said, because it is situated near Turkey: a country that, he charged, “is continuing to arm and welcome the fundamentalists.”

Commenting on the mass exodus of refugees from Syria, Bishop Audo said that the country’s people are losing hope. The refugees are mainly young men, he said, because they “fear being called up for military service and don’t want to take part in a senseless war.”

Bishop Audo said that Christians are “determined to stay on in Syria.” But the situation is grim, he said, because “there seems to be a desire on the part of the international community to see the war continue.”



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