Syrian Catholic Bishop accuses US Government of establishing the monstrous ISIS

Following the recent declaration of the Daesh (ISIS) acts as “Genocide against Christians” by the Secretary of State of USA, John Kerry, a Syrian Catholic Bishop, Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo of Hassaké-Nisibi have is of the opinion that the US government’s late declaration of the Deash acts is of geoplitical interest.

The Archbishop who have worked in the North-Eastern region of Syria referred that the America’s involvement in the creation of the Jihadist fighter (who have turned to monsters today) is ineradicable. He referred that America supported the creation of the Jihadist monsters in the 1980s as Islamic fighters against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and as support to the moderate rebels during the Syrian Civil war.

"The proclamation of genocide is accomplished by pointing the spotlight on Daesh [ISIS] and censoring all the complicity and historical and political processes that led to the creation of the jihadist monster, since the war waged in Afghanistan against the Soviets by supporting armed Islamist groups," Archbishop Hindo said.
"One wants to erase all the strange factors that led to the sudden and abnormal emergence of Daesh. While only until recently, there was even Turkish and Saudi pressure-- US-allied countries-- so that jihadists of al-Nusra Front would take their distance from [the] al-Qaeda network, in order to be classified and maybe even helped by the West as ‘moderate’ rebels." Archbishop Hindo added.

The Archbishop also see the “sudden” declaration as attempt to counter the Russians increasing prestige in the Middle East. The Archbishop said:

 "the Russian intervention in Syria has increased the authority of Moscow in a large sector of the Middle Eastern peoples, not only among Christians. Powerful circles in the US fear that, so now they play the card of protecting Christians. It seems we have gone back to the nineteenth century when the protection of the Christians in the Middle East was also an instrument of geopolitical operations to increase the influence in the region".



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    It’s not often I agree with articles in this blog, but this one may be closer to the truth than I would prefer. The common denominator though, is religion. If this is to end, I think it will be up to the Jews to take the first step. If they can admit that they are not the “chosen people” because there was no mass Exodus from Egypt or Conquest of Canaan, which their scholars are well aware of, that might open the discussion that the world needs to have. They need not give up their land, but they must admit that they don’t hold it with the blessings of an Abrahamic god.

    The Abrahamic religions are founded on myths and campfire stories. There was no 6 day creation, no talking snakes, no tree of temptation, no fall from grace or original sin, no global flood, no mass Exodus, no Conquest of Canaan – none of that is supported with any sort of real evidence; yet it is the foundation for three Abrahamic religions that have brought misery, fear, guilt and violence to our world for thousands of years. If the intelligentsia of Israel, scholars, politicians, media, entertainers, etc. would just admit what we all know – that there is no foundation for the Abrahamic religions, we can finally start to talk about how to move on and evolve into a more humane species. If not, then religion will eventually wipe us all out – and then there will be peace – but without humans.

  2. Lina Reply

    All Wars Are Banker Wars, All Bank Owners are Jews‬‬‬‬ (Jews control the West & IsraHELL is a terrorist Pharisee false state)

    Heresy of Judeo Christianity which aids Satan’s agenda of acceptable among Gentiles (and the West, and the world)

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Hitler would have loved you! Nothing like a little anti-semitism to darken the day.
      I only looked at a couple of the links, but one of them – ‘smoloko’ is wrong about there not being any Jewish Christians. The first Christians were all Jews, and a large group of them were known as the Ebionites; however once the proto-orthodox (who later became the Catholic Church) joined forces with Rome, the Ebionites, Marcionites, Gnostics and other early Christian groups were run out of town and essentially destroyed. Enough of their texts managed to survive the attempts of the unHoly Roman Catholic Church to destroy them; so we know a little bit about them and what they believed.
      It’s hilarious that the web page has Jesus calling the “Jews” the pit of vipers, when Jesus himself was born, circumcised and raised as a Jew, followed Jewish laws and traditions, and thought of himself as a Jew. Jesus, if he was an actual historical person, was speaking to the clergy. Jesus always railed against the clergy, and so we should do today, as the clergy is still a pit of vipers.

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