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Catholic parents forgive suicide bomber who killed their son in Pakistan

The couple’s son died in the attack by Pakistani Taliban group Jaamat-ul-Ahrar on Easter Sunday Catholic parents whose son was killed by a suicide bomber in the 2016 Easter Sunday attack at Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park, Pakistan have told Lahore’s archbishop that they have forgiven the man that killed their child. Speaking to Catholic charity Aid to the Church

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Ten stories to watch in 2017

A guide to the stories that will be making headlines in 2017 Last year proved beyond all doubt that journalists are terrible at predicting the future. Few commentators foresaw Brexit, the emergence of François Fillon in France or Donald Trump’s presidency. With that in mind, we offer this guide to 10 topics that are likely

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Brentwood Cathedral to be floodlit in red to highlight the plight of persecuted Christians

Brentwood is following the example of Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey Brentwood Cathedral will be floodlit in red for the duration of November to raise awareness about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The cathedral will be following the example of Westminster Cathedraland Westminster Abbey who have already announced they will also be

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Christian persecution is real – emotional exhibit opens in Rome

Christian persecution happens far away from us. We may complain about the atheists or the satanists and their displays, or a lack of public prayer, but this isn’t the hard persecution many Christians face. For most of us, Christian persecution is a remote possibility. However, for many millions of others, persecution is a daily reality.

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Will Russia’s ‘holy war’ save Syria’s Christians?

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America and Britain have helped to endanger minorities in the Middle East The war in Syria has taken a significant turn these past few months, with the migrant crisis and the intervention of Russia. Even a few months ago one might have expected Bashar al-Assad’s downfall, and two years ago one would have bet the house

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