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‘Church Denounces Anti-Semitism in All Its Forms,’ Pope Tells Anti-Defamation League

‘I reaffirm that the Catholic Church feels particularly obliged to do all that is possible with our Jewish friends to repel anti-Semitic tendencies’ (Full Text) The Church denounces Anti-Semitism in all its forms, noting it is “completely contrary to Christian principles and every vision worthy of the human person.” Pope Francis stressed this to a

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Why did Pope Francis sack the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta?

Pope Francis has exercised his papal authority and sacked the head of the Knights of Malta following a controversy within the ancient chivalric organization. In dismissing the leader, Pope Francis has made a rare use of power as the absolute monarch of Vatican City and the leader of the Church. Today’s popes rarely exercise their

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The Efficacy of the Holy Rosary

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The Rosary is a very vital and powerful tool in the Catholic Church. Praying the Holy Rosary helps us to defeat the challenges that we may encounter in our daily activities. However, for  the Rosary to be effective, we must have “Purity of Intention”. That is why St. Louis De Montfort in his book, “The

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Catholic hospital under fire for practicing religious freedoms

A Catholic hospital faces an anti-discrimination lawsuit for cancelling a surgery to remove a uterus from a female who identifies as a man. The surgery was meant to treat gender dysphoria. “This case involves whether a Catholic hospital can be compelled to perform a procedure that violates its sincerely-held religious beliefs,” Matt Sharp, legal counsel

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How the Church can help addicted youths

Young Americans are dying at a rate not seen since the Vietnam War. But they are not dying in combat – they’re dying of the effects of drug overdoses, alcoholism, mental illness and suicide, at a rate 200 percent higher than the 1980s in much of the United States. A recent report from the U.S.

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23 Catholic Facts That Will Make You a Smarter Catholic

1. “Simon Peter bar Jonah,” if taken in its literal meaning would mean that Peter’s name is actually “Rocky Johnson.” (A bust of Peter the Rock made out of rock)   2. The Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin have the same blood type and are dated from around the same time, providing

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