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Coptic Christians massacred by gunmen in Egypt

Reports say 26 Coptic pilgrims were killed while travelling to a monastery At least 26 Coptic Christians have reportedly been killed by gunmen in Egypt. The Christians were travelling by bus to a monastery when they were attacked. Many of those killed were children, according to the New York Times. Health officials said that the

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Pope Francis to visit Egypt April 28-29

In what will be his first international trip of the year, Pope Francis will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt, April 28-29, showing that interfaith dialogue is a priority. He will visit the country in response to an invitation from His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and the Grand Imam of the Mosque of al Azhar, Sheikh

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Egyptian cathedral restored after December bombing

Saint Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Cairo has been rebuilt by the Egyptian army corps of engineers after a terrorist attack last month left 27 dead. The restoration was by direct order of President Abdel Fattah Sisi so that Coptic Christians could celebrate the feast of Christmas there. The Egyptian army corps of engineers has completed

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Coptic Christians refuse to give up – But who are they and what do they stand for?

Following the horrific attack on St. Mark’s Cathedral, many are hearing about Coptic Christians for the very first time. According to the Coptic Encyclopedia, the word copt is from the Greek “Aigyptos,” which was derived from “Hikaptah,” one of the names for the first capital of Ancient Egypt, “Memphis.” Today, “Coptic” is an adjective for

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Christian Homes attacked by Muslim Mobs in Egypt

The Coptic Orthodox church has said a Muslim mob has ransacked and torched seven Christian homes in a province south of Cairo after rumours spread that a Christian man had an affair with a Muslim woman. The church says that during attack the mother of the Christian man was publicly stripped of her clothes by

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Coptic Christians in Egypt continue to suffer exceptional abuse and discrimination amid religious intolerance

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Christian Copts in Egypt continue to suffer discrimination. The growing religious intolerance in Egypt has resulted in the increased threats and violence against the nation’s Christian minority. Coptic Christians make up only around 10-20 percent of Egypt’s population, and are considered one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. They are considered Middle East’s

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