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Newsanchor’s rosary and crucifix jewelry stirs up atheist community

Italian anchorwomen Marina Nalesso was criticized for wearing a crucifix necklace and rosary prayer beads while reading the news. According to the Daily Express, Nalesso has worn such accessories several times in the past without incident. She has worn Jesus and Virgin Mary symbols and released a statement saying she wears such jewelry “for faith

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Jesus Christ Comes to Life from a Crucifix in Spain

Christ  hanging on a cross came to live in a Spanish Church. The 6 foot, life-sized Crucifix which is today known as “The Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias”, located in St. Peter in Santander of Spain and is a work of Late Pedro de Mena. It has long been located above the main altar of the St.

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Stolen cross, gifted to US bishop by Benedict XVI, recovered

Bishop James Conley was given the pectoral cross by Benedict XVI in 2012 The Diocese of Lincoln, in Nebraska announced on October 16 that Bishop James Conley’s pectoral cross, taken from his home in a burglary, has been recovered. The cross was stolen the afternoon of October 10, when the bishop was not home. A

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