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The Eucharist: A prize for the just or medicine for sinners?

The heated debates in the Synod of Bishops regarding the possibility of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Holy Communion have opened up a series of other important discussions, especially concerning the relationship between mercy and justice and between charity and truth. How can these seemingly opposing principles be lived out by the Church in the

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Dear Synod Fathers: You missed a step

Something is missing from the two trajectories emerging from the Vatican’s Synod on the Family. The first trajectory emphasizes reaching out to the “lost sheep” where sex and marriage are concerned. The second (dubbed the “Yes We Can!” plan by John L. Allen Jr.) — holds that people can really live according to Church teachings

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Why Medjugorje matters

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In the early 1980s, six children in the Yugoslavian town of Medjugorje reported seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Since that time, millions of people have made the pilgrimage to Medjugorje and countless others still follow messages attributed to the Virgin Mary that are revealed by the original seers. This summer, the Congregation for the

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