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The battle over St John Paul’s legacy comes to Australia

Melbourne’s John Paul II Institute is being shut down unexpectedly – the ramifications extend far beyond Australia On the face of it, the closure of Melbourne’s John Paul II Institutedoes not seem especially earth-shaking news. True, the institution has a high international reputation for the quality of its teaching and its academic research on bioethics

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Italian bishops: Peaceful revolution needed to fix throwaway culture

The permanent council of the Italian bishops’ conference issued its message for Italy’s pro-life day for 2017 Promote life and resist the temptations of irresponsible economics that fuel war and death, the Italian bishops’ conference has said. “Teaching about life means getting involved in a civilised revolution that heals the throwaway culture, the mentality of

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Pope Francis visits ‘SOS Mother’

On Friday Pope Francis visited with young children at the “SOS Village” in Rome, a community made up of homes for children who are in positions of family or social hardship, as recommended by social services. The Village, as it is called, is made up of five houses, each holding up to six boys and

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Three adorable videos to remind us what love is

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Sometimes kids are the best examples of unconditional love. Kids are wonderful little people who are born to make connections with others, love unconditionally and innocently warm hearts with something as small as a smile. As adults, we find it difficult to love one another, particularly when someone wrongs us, but children are far removed

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Is THIS the actual tomb of Christ’s FAMILY?

A geologist claims to have new proof that a controversial discovery in Jerusalem is linked to Jesus Christ. The controversy surrounds Talpiot Tomb, which was discovered in 1980 with nine boxes alleged to belong to people closely associated with Jesus. A geologist claims to have new proof that a controversial discovery in Jerusalem is linked

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