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Forcing Families to Attend Mass

When inquirers call into Catholic Answers, they sometimes share concerns about practices going on in their parish. Those concerns often center around the Mass and the proper celebration of the liturgy, but occasionally we are also asked about problems in parish life. Believe it or not, we also sometimes hear from parish staff, who can

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Top 3 Catholic Priests who were Murdered during a Holy Mass

Martyrdom is one true painful but eternally rewarding test and affirmation of faith in God. Just like the early apostles of Christ some priests of the Church have been equally murder for their faith and work of faith for God. As familiar as persecution of Christians is, to persecute a priest in the middle of

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Is Christ Really Present at Mass? See Proof

Issue: In what ways is Christ present in the Mass? Response: At Mass Christ is present in the priest, in sacred scripture, in the congregation, and in the Eucharist. Among these, Christ’s presence in the Eucharist is preeminent. Discussion: In its Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the Second Vatican Council addresses the different ways Christ

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