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Cardinal Müller: Communion for the remarried is against God’s law

The cardinal said that nobody, not even a pope, could change the teaching reaffirmed by St John Paul II Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the Vatican’s doctrinal chief, has made one of his strongest statements yet on the controversial question of Communion for the divorced and remarried. In an interview with the Italian magazine Il Timone, Cardinal

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The trouble with appealing to ‘a well-formed conscience’

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The Church has always taught that moral absolutes are necessary to the formation of conscience The Maltese bishops’ guidelines, released 11 days ago to near-universal grief, scorn, anxiety and derision, have found at least some support. In the Irish Catholic, Greg Daly argues that the bishops’ critics have misunderstood the document’s subtle teaching on conscience. I don’t want to pick on Greg,

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Vatican: Pope Francis to name delegate to run Order of Malta

The Order’s Grand Master, Fra’ Matthew Festing, offered his resignation to the Pope on Tuesday The Vatican says Pope Francis will name a pontifical delegate to run the embattled Knights of Malta, effectively taking over the sovereign lay Catholic order after its leader resigned in a bitter dispute with the pontiff over a condom scandal. The move marks an extraordinary intervention of

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Maltese bishops: Divorced-and-remarried ‘at peace with God’ may receive Communion

As debate over Amoris laetitia continues to gain steam, the Maltese bishops have come out with a new set of pastoral guidelines allowing divorced-and-remarried persons in certain cases, after “honest discernment”, to receive Communion. The introduction to the guidelines opens by saying that “like the star which led the Magi toward their encounter with Jesus,”

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Ten stories to watch in 2017

A guide to the stories that will be making headlines in 2017 Last year proved beyond all doubt that journalists are terrible at predicting the future. Few commentators foresaw Brexit, the emergence of François Fillon in France or Donald Trump’s presidency. With that in mind, we offer this guide to 10 topics that are likely

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