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Did Mary feel pains at the birth of Christ?

The conclusion that Mary did not feel pains at the birth of Christ can be deduced from her immaculate conception. Since pains at childbirth is one of the punishments inherited from original sin which Mary is free from. There are a number of passages and quotes from Church Fathers that support this conclusion, some of

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Pope Francis makes special request this Christmas

On Sunday Pope Francis said that with Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to stop and make time for silent reflection on the true meaning of the holiday,  specifically on figures in the Nativity. “Next Sunday will be Christmas. This week let us try to find a moment to pause, to have a bit

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Touching last-minute addition to Vatican Nativity pays homage to Italy’s grief-stricken citizens

The Vatican erected its Nativity scene and Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square on Friday, December 9. Everyone expected the beautiful Nativity, tree and Luzzo boat but one more special addition was placed at the very last moment. The Vatican’s Christmas tree was decorated, as promised, with artwork from Italy’s sick children, primarily cancer patients.

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Adorable video shows children hilariously explain the story of Christmas

The Southland Christian Church used adults to recreate children’s versions of the reason for the season. The hilarious film was posted to YouTube Christmas Eve last year. The three-minute short features adults lip-syncing to children’s’ voices as the kids explain what Christmas is all about. Keeping in character, the actors and actresses use the appropriate

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