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Three women charged over Notre Dame Cathedral gas canister plot

The women were charged with criminal terrorist association linked to the discovery of the car filled with gas cylinders Three women accused of being part of an ISIS cell that was planning imminent attacks in France will remain in custody after a judge confirmed preliminary charges of terrorism, Paris prosecutors said on Tuesday. The three women

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Thailand’s Five religions sends a strong Message to Paris

On thursday 19th of November, the five recognized and known religions of Thailand came together to unite in a march of Peace and condolence for the people Paris. These religions include Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh communities; each offered prayers from their own faith tradition and signed a book of condolences. The Catholic Church was greatly

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Depend on Jesus not on Fortune tellers and Horoscopes – Pope Francis

Pope Francis during his address in  St Peter’s Square on Sunday after his Angelus recitation told the faithfuls of the importance of turning away from all activities of fortune-telling and horoscopes, he emphasized that Jesus alone holds the future and Jesus is the one worth turning to not fortune tellers. “(Jesus) wants to direct his

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“Piecemeal WWIII” is Pope Francis’ tag for Paris terrorist attack

Pope Francis in a response to the traumatic killings of innocent souls in Paris on 13 November described the terrorist’s  attack as a “piecemeal World War III,” describing the attacks as “inhuman.” Pope Francis with a very sad heart told TV 2000 said “There is no justification for these things,” Pope Francis speaking with the  official broadcasting

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