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Practical governance was not my forte, says Benedict XVI

In a book-length interview Benedict XVI says he was ‘more of a professor’ while Francis was a ‘man of practical reform’ While retired Pope Benedict XVI said organisation and governance were not his strong suits, he also said: “I am unable to see myself as a failure.” In a book-length interview with the German author

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Why young Catholics love the Extraordinary Form

But don’t expect them to disparage the Novus Ordo As a young Catholic growing up in an increasingly secular (or even post-secular) Britain, I am lucky to be able to attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. There is something about the purity and beauty of the Catholic culture that it represents that I, and

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Catholic universities need Catholic staff, says prominent academic

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A majority of a university’s faculty “must be Catholic” for a university to be Catholic, the president of The Catholic University of America said in a speech in Napa last week. “I want to make one point. Building a Catholic university is not a complicated thing,” John Garvey said during the Napa Institute’s annual conference.

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Vatican spokesman says Pope Benedict’s mind is “perfectly lucid” after Archbishop Gaenswein said he is serenely ‘fading’

During an interview with an Italian Magazine, Pope Benedict’s longtime secretary, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, told them: “In April, Pope Benedict XVI turns 89 years old. He is like a slowly extinguishing candle even though serenely fading, had maintained his subtle sense of humor. “He’s calm, in peace with God, himself and the world,” Gaenswein said.

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Oldest Catholic university in U.K. establishes Pope Benedict XVI Center approved by the Vatican

St Mary’s University Twickenham, a Catholic teacher training institution has setup a “Benedict XVI Center” for research into religion and social sciences. The new center which has been approved by the Holy See also has a “Benedict XVI House”, where a lay community made up of staff and full-time students live a secluded prayer-focused life

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Pope Benedict Speaks to Muslims

On November 28, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Ankara for a state visit to the Republic of Turkey. The pontiff’s visit, already a source of controversy owing to the media driven uproar over his remarks in Regensburg in September 2006, was the occasion of protests in the streets of Turkey by tens of thousands

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Letters from the Synod: special edition, October 10, 2015

Reports and commentary, from Rome and elsewhere, on the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops As Synod-2015 ends its first week of work, a crucial point of conversation and debate over the next two weeks is coming into clearer focus as other, more mediagenic proposals fade into the background: Should the Synod

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