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Pope Francis’ teachings on how to conquer hatred

The devil’s hatred for Christ and for our redemption is the root cause of all persecution since the beginnings of the Church, Pope Francis said at a special liturgy that focused on modern martyrs. “The memory of these heroic witnesses, old and new, confirms us in the knowledge that the Church is a Church of

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Why did Pope Francis visit Benedict XVI? To say happy birthday!

Early Easter greetings and birthday wishes were the reason for Pope Francis’ visit with Pope emeritus Benedict XVI on Wednesday. Following his annual custom, Francis visited his predecessor at Vatican City’s Mater Ecclesiae monastery on April 12 to extend his greetings ahead of Easter Sunday. The Vatican Press Office said the visit had “a double

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Pope washes the feet of 12 prisoners at Holy Thursday Mass

‘This isn’t a folkloric ceremony,’ Francis tells inmates Pope Francis has washed the feet of 12 inmates, including three women and a man who is converting from Islam to Catholicism. Although in Jesus’s time, washing the feet of one’s guests was performed by slaves, Jesus “reverses” this role, the Pope said during the Holy Thursday

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‘Pope Francis laundry’ service opens for homeless in Rome

On Monday the latest Pope Francis-inspired initiative for the poor opened up in Rome – a new laundromat, with washing, drying and ironing services for those without a home or a fixed living situation. “The Pope’s Laundry,” as it is being called, is organized by the Office of Papal Charities, in partnership with the Community

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Pope Francis dismisses from clerical state priest who stole $300k

Pope Francis has dismissed a New Hampshire priest from the clerical state, after the priest was convicted of stealing some $300,000 from the local diocese, a hospital and a deceased priest’s estate. “On February 28, 2017, Pope Francis decreed Edward J. Arsenault dismissed from the clerical state, and dispensed him from all obligations subsequent to

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Pope Francis calls consistory to approve canonisation of Fatima seers

The consistory to approve the canonisation of Blesseds Francisco and Jacinta Marto will take place on April 20 The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will preside over a consistory to approve canonisation of the Fatima visionaries, Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Once the approval of the cardinals is given at the consistory, scheduled to take

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Pope Francis’ touching Palm Sunday homily

Pope Francis delivered a special Palm Sunday homily at St. Peter’s Square. The Pontiff prepared remarks, which were later provided by Vatican Radio: “Today’s celebration can be said to be bittersweet. It is joyful and sorrowful at the same time. We celebrate the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem to the cries of his disciples who acclaim

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