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Hardened hearts can turn Catholics into atheists, says Pope Francis

Being deaf to God’s voice leads to the ‘path of unfaithfulness’, the Pope said Not listening to God’s voice can distance Christians from him and lead them instead to seek solace in worldly idols that offer only doubt and confusion, Pope Francis has said. When Catholics are “deaf to the word of God”, their hearts

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Pope Francis prays for victims of deadly London attack

After four people died in an apparent terrorist attack in London yesterday, Pope Francis has voiced his sorrow and solidarity for the victims and their families, entrusting them and the nation to God’s mercy. “Deeply saddened to learn of the loss of life and of the injuries caused by the attack in central London, His

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Watch this little girl steal Pope Francis’ hat

A cute moment was captured on camera Wednesday, as a 3-year-old girl “stole” Pope Francis’ zucchetto – or skull cap – at the papal general audience. Little Estella lives in Georgia. She was in Rome with her godfather, Mountain Butorac. Waiting in St. Peter’s Square at the general audience, she was invited by a member

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Pope Francis to visit Egypt April 28-29

In what will be his first international trip of the year, Pope Francis will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt, April 28-29, showing that interfaith dialogue is a priority. He will visit the country in response to an invitation from His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and the Grand Imam of the Mosque of al Azhar, Sheikh

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Pope Francis goes to confession

At the end of his annual Lenten penitential service on Friday, Pope Francis was the first to go to the sacrament of confession, afterward hearing the confessions of seven laypeople, three men and four women, in attendance. Instead of giving a homily during the service, which he has done in years past, Pope Francis led

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Read Pope Francis’ handwritten speech delivered to Cardinals on the eve of his election to the papacy

Pope Francis revealed a handwritten speech he delivered the night before he was elected Pope. The handwriting was tiny and written in Spanish. The message there made for a fascinating read and honors the reader with the knowledge that Pope Francis is living up to the expectations of then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergolgio. Before Pope Francis

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Pope Francis gives priests a new priority

Pope Francis told priests Friday to make confession a priority in their parishes, and, if they want to be good confessors, to have a strong prayer life focused on growing in humility and closeness to the Holy Spirit in order to evangelize. The confessor, in face, is called daily to go to the peripheries of

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What does it actually mean for a priest to be ‘laicized’?

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When reports came out recently about Pope Francis’ decision to modify the penalties for several priests found guilty of abusing minors, the question arose as to whether the Pope was being too merciful in his decision. Another concern was whether priests found guilty of abuse of minors would continue to be dismissed from the clerical

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