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That time when St. Pope John Paul II changed Fidel Castro’s mind about Christmas

After Fidel Castro gained power in Cuba in 1959, he spent the next decade slowly imposing socialism on the country, including state atheism. In 1960, several Cuban Catholic bishops signed a letter re-affirming the Church’s long-standing rejection of communism and called for Catholics to reject it. In response, his government confiscated Catholic property and arrested

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Popular Liverpool priest and broadcaster dies aged 81

Fr John Thompson once drove an ambulance from Liverpool to Ethiopia, stopping in Rome for the Pope to bless it A well-loved Liverpool priest has passed away at the age of 81. Fr John Benedict Thompson was parish priest at St Francis de Sales, Walton, for 32 years. He will be remembered locally for his

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Did John Paul II write that everyone would be saved?

Full Question Is it true that in his book Crossing the Threshold of Hope, the pope said that everybody will be saved and no one will go to hell? Answer Absolutely not. In fact, the pope states that one problem in the modern Church is that priests do not preach enough about hell. The pope

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Responsible Parenthood Guide by Pope John paul II

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General audience of August 1, 1984. 1. For today we have chosen the theme of “responsible parenthood” in the light of the Constitution “Gaudium et spes” and of the Encyclical “Humanae vitae.” The Council document, in treating of the subject, limits itself to recalling the basic premises; the papal document, however, goes further, giving to

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Pope John Paul II ‘appears’ in bonfire vision

From Mother Theresa in a cinammon bun, to the Virgin Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich – images resembling religious icons are regularly spotted in unlikely places.   Now this fiery figure – photographed in a bonfire in Poland – is being hailed as Pope John Paul II making an appearance from beyond the grave.

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