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How do Religious Communities get financial support?

Full Question Does the Catholic Church financially support Catholic religious communities? Answer Religious communities are financially supported by the Church but it is mainly through generous donations of Catholic faithfuls and religious foundations There is also the annual “Retirement Fund for Religious” collection in every parish across the U.S, which helps a lot in the

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Pope Francis expose the reason why vocations are on the decline

Why are so many people forsaking or eschewing religious life? This is the question Pope Francis addressed during the plenary meeting of the Congregation for Consecrated Life at the Vatican. Historically, the church had no problem filling its seminaries, cloisters and abbeys with monks and nuns and other religious. It was a respected life, and

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Why does the Catholic University of America have a collection of over 600 Ethiopian magic scrolls?

With a recent gift of more than 600 handmade leather manuscripts, the Catholic University of America is now home to one of the most important collections of Ethiopian religious manuscripts in the United States. The collection includes Christian, Islamic, and “magic” texts. It is the largest collection of Ethiopian Islamic manuscripts outside of Ethiopia. Dr.

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How do Catholic Nuns get paid?

Many People have over time pondered and asked many questions as to how Catholic Nuns get to settle their livelihood bills, feed, etc since the church doesn’t pay them any regular fixed salary. The Catholic Nuns just like other religious are not on any salary scale of the Church but are allowed to work at

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