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Heartbroken Archbishop responds to horrific campus murder-suicide, which leaves school shaken

Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera LĂłpez of Monterrey, Mexico, delivered an important message following a school shooting, in which the shooter shot at classmates, his teacher, then turned the gun on himself. A video allegedly from the American School of the Northeast’s surveillance cameras, reveal the teen shooting three victims, a teacher and two students, in the

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12 dead in latest Mandera shooting – Christians targeted in attack

Islamic extremists opened fire in Kenya’s northern Mandera County on Tuesday, killing twelve people. Somalia’s al-Shebab rebels claimed responsibility for the shooting, which occurred on the Bishaaro Guest House. Andalus, the terrorist’s radio station, reported the attack was meant to target Christians. Mohamed Saleh, Mandera’s regional commander, said the group made their way into Bishaaro

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What should Catholics do in response to the Orlando massacre?

The Orlando shootings have already generated a great deal of analysis and commentary (no need for links; just look anywhere). There seems to be confusion about the motivation of the killer. Was he a homophobe? Was this a hate crime? Was this Islamist terrorism? Was it planned or merely inspired by ISIS? Was it perhaps

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Italian Priest shot

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Fr. Piero Arolari was shot on his bicycle on his way to a parish in Northern Bangladesh. Witnesses attested that the three shooters approached the Priest from behind using a motorbike to approach him as he pedaled his bicycle before shooting at the priest. The assailants fled after the attack. Fr Piero Arolari, 57, suffered bullet wounds to

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