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Why are we vulnerable to sin after Baptism?

Full Question To the best of my knowledge, we are inclined to evil as a result of original sin; baptism erases this sin and yet we are still vulnerable and likely to commit more evil acts after baptism (while original sin is gone). Why is that?   Answer Through Baptism we receive pardon for original

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Did Pope Francis change the Ten Commandments?

Pope Francis has been the target of fake news, once again. This time he is accused of changing the Ten Commandments. The allegation of course, is false, like most other claims about him. The fake story, which has gone viral in some circles, claims Pope Francis changed the Ten Commandments to make same-sex parenting and

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What to do if you’re too ashamed to go to Confession

While reconciliation is intended to allow Christ’s victory to overcome sin in our lives, what happens when shame over one’s sins is so great that it keeps people away from the sacrament? The famous Spanish theologian Father JosĂ© Antonio Fortea discussed this phenomenon and practical solutions to it in a blog post. Normally, a sense

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A Way Out of Porn Compulsion

Ryan Foley is an entrepreneur at heart. Now retired from the U.S. Air Force, the tall husband and father runs and and is engaged full-time in strengthening the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and promoting the Catholic sexual ethic. A major threat to this teaching (and to the peace

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