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Egyptian cathedral restored after December bombing

Saint Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Cairo has been rebuilt by the Egyptian army corps of engineers after a terrorist attack last month left 27 dead. The restoration was by direct order of President Abdel Fattah Sisi so that Coptic Christians could celebrate the feast of Christmas there. The Egyptian army corps of engineers has completed

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Archbishop laments Christian persecution, Colombia, murder, South America, Violence‘absolute disregard for life’ as man is shot dead during Mass

Colombian Archbishop Mejia was celebrating the Mass where the fatal shooting occurred A man has been killed as he attended a Mass in Colombia on Tuesday evening. The parishioner – Fernando Padilla, 35 – was shot by a gunman as he attended a packed Mass at Santa Cecilia church in the town of Cali. Padilla

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Pope Francis claims war is the result of ‘arrogant’ abuse of power

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In a passionate speech on Thursday, Pope Francis condemned as arrogant the mentality of revenge and the abuses of power that lead to violent conflicts. “Violence begets violence, and we have the impression of being caught up in a spiral of arrogance and inertia from which there is no escape,” the Pope told members of

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French bishops declare day of fasting after priest’s murder

In response to the murder of Father Jacques Hamel by believed Islamic State sympathizers, the French bishops have designated Friday, July 29, as a day of fasting. Msgr. Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, secretary general of the French Bishops Conference, discussed the decision July 26. “What happened in France had happened in other countries before, and actually we see

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South Sudan Church leaders condemn recent violence and pray for dead

South Sudan’s Church leaders said they are extremely disturbed about heavy fighting in the capital, Juba, which has raised widespread fears that the country is returning to civil war. “We condemn all acts of violence without exception,” the South Sudan Council of Churches said, noting that it is “time to build a peaceful nation.” “We

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Cameroonian military rescues 900 hostages from Boko Haram

Joseph Beti Assomo, Cameroon’s Minister Defense says Cameroon’s army, backed by a regional task-force, has freed about 900 Boko Haram hostages, killed at least 100 members of the Islamist extremist group and seized from the Boko Haram Militants an important stock of weapons and ammunition. Joint forces from Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Benin reportedly killed

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