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Dying woman speaks to Virgin Mary in tragic true story

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A 60-year-old woman from Spain was caring for a relative stricken with cancer when suddenly she became extremely religious. She began to spend hours reciting scripture and, over a two-month period, made a complete turn-around in behavior. Friends and family claimed she had always been a happy woman but wasn’t particularly religious. They feared the

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Want to get close to your (Heavenly) Mother? Check out this book.

For Catholics, it’s fairly par for the course to be questioned by non-Catholics about the Blessed Virgin Mary at some point. And that’s probably because the Catholic Church has a lot to say about her. Church teaching holds that Mary was conceived without sin, that she maintains perpetual virginity, that she conceived by the Holy

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Plans to desecrate image of Virgin Mary in Estonian museum prompt protest

Archbishop Viilma of the Evangelical Lutheran Church said that the exhibit ridicules religion An image of the Virgin Mary in a museum in Estonia, designed to be desecrated to commemorate the Protestant Reformation, has provoked protests from religious and political leaders. The exhibit in the recently-opened National Museum of Estonia, in Tartu, is part of

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Our Lady of The Rosary: ‘People must say the Rosary’

“Good and devout souls, who walk in the light of the Holy Spirit: I do not think that you will mind my giving you this little mystical rose tree which comes straight from heaven and which is to be planted in the garden of your soul” — St. Louis De Montfort Today we celebrate the

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