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How can I bring my Jehovah's Witness sister back to the Catholic faith?

Full Question My sister-in-law left the Catholic Church about 10 years ago and joined the Jehovah's Witnesses. Her "incoming threat" radar is turned to abs…

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Who Will Go into the Eternal Fire?

Who Will Go into the Eternal Fire? In "Christian, Yes . . . But Why Catholic?" (October 1999), Fr. Joseph M. Esper states that "countless individual Protestant…

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'Decisive' role of marriage in focus as Court declines cases

Washington D.C., Oct 6, 2014 / 03:39 pm .- The Supreme Court’s decision not to review defense of marriage appeals by five states has been met with disappointmen…

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Minn. archdiocese continues to seek justice in sex abuse accusations

The Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul has removed two priests from ministry pending investigation of sex abuse allegations, while it has reinstated a separate…

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Pope prays for victims of weekend blasts in Turkey

Pope Francis expressed his condolences Sunday for those affected by attacks in Ankara during a protest over the weekend which has left at least 95 people dead. …

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How did the Church decided that seven is the age of reason and the age for First Communion?

Full Question Would you tell me how the Church determined that the age of reason is seven years old and this as the age to receive First Holy Communion? …

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A Merely Human Gesture by a Pope

When the image at right showed up yesterday in my Facebook newsfeed, I imagined the groans and eye rolls of some of my Catholic friends. (And it wasn’t long bef…

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Vatican and Church in Argentina to open ‘dirty war’ archives

The decision to make the archives available was taken at the express direction of Pope Francis The Vatican and Argentina’s bishops have finished cataloguing th…

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A Pope’s Answer to the Problem of Pain

He was in third grade when his mother died; his only sibling, an older brother, died three years later; he discovered his father dead on the floor in their apar…

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Terrorists responsible for St. Mark’s Cathedral attack finally named

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When St. Mark’s Cathedral was attacked, 25 people – primarily women and children – were killed.

At least 25 people were killed and another 49 were injured in the explosion.

The investigation continues but many witnesses reported a bomb was placed in the women’s seating section of the cathedral by a woman who then left the building while others claim a person on a motorcycle threw a bomb into the church.

Either way, terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on Tuesday.

A statement from the Islamic State began to circulate the online claiming the bomber killed and injured 80 people and vowed “to continue war against apostates.”

The Egyptian government released footage earlier depicting images believed to be of the alleged bomber.

Security forces examine the scene within the damaged cathedral. Security forces examine the scene within the damaged cathedral.

On Monday, president Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi identified the 22-year-old bomber as Mahmoud Shafiq Mohammed Mustafa but ISIS named the bomber by what officials believe is a pseudonym, “Abu Abdullah al-Masri.”

Video footage from outside a chapel adjacent to St. Mark’s revealed a dark figure crossing the street and walking through the gates of the church, which one parishioner claims was void of its regular security as the officers were in their van eating lunch.

Moments after the figure stepped through the gates, the bomb was detonated.

A small protest was held at St. Mark’s Cathedral hours after the attack, with people demanding protection for Christians.

Nothing has come of the protest and the Coptic Christians continue to hold faith in the Lord.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Sarfraz Andrew Reply

    All Pakistani Christians Community is Condolences for Victims terrorists attack cathrdral we love our christians in world

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